Ribuan Layanan dan App Twitter

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  1. 21 Tweets – Helps you change your habits through 21 daily tweets.
  2. Amazing Twitter – Twitter marketing service optimized for iPhone.
  3. ArrivedOK – Tracks your cell phone signal and auto-tweets an “I’m OK” message to selected followers when you turn your phone on after landing.
  4. AskOnTwitter – Collects and displays all tweets containing the phrase “does anyone know.”
  5. Audiotwit – Hear what your friends listen to while surfing the web.
  6. BeatMyTweet – Word scramble game over Twitter.
  7. Boarding – Stranded at the airport? Find fellow travelers.
  8. Booktwo – A project to read books to the world via Twitter, starting with James Joyce’s Ulysses.
  9. Botanicalls – Hardware plus Twitter system that lets your plants notify you when they need water.
  10. Bx – Businessweek’s social networking site using Twitter plus its own Bx network.
  11. C02 Emission with Twitter – Calculate the C02 emission caused by an individual users’ tweets.
  12. Calendar Tweet – Tweet events to followers’ calendars.
  13. CheapTweet – A coupon and deal directory allowing users to vote up the best deals. Penalizes spamming behaviors such as duplicate posts.
  14. CheckYesOrNo.info – Ask the Twitterverse simple yes or no questions.
  15. Commuter Feed – View and post traffic and transit delays.
  16. Cursebird – Tracks popularity of various cursewords in real time.
  17. DefineTwitter – What does Twitter mean to you?
  18. Direct Textbook – DM user textbook with the ISBN of a book to get its Amazon.com price.
  19. DreamTweet – Anonymously Tweet your dream or nightmare.
  20. Flackr – News feed compiled from around the web, including Twitter.
  21. FlixPulse – Keeps track of the positive vs. negative movie reviews tweeted for specific movies.
  22. FlockPoker – Create and host a Texas Hold ‘Em table with a single link; login through a Twitter account.
  23. FluTweet – Tracks illness-related keywords in tweets to find trends in flu epidemics.
  24. Foamees – Track who you owe beers or coffees to.
  25. Fuelfrog – Automatically create a graph of your car’s gas mileage over time.
  26. GTalkTwit – Update Twitter from your Google Talk status.
  27. GtFtr – Fitness tracking with Twitter.
  28. Hanniversary – Service to alert you when you’ve reached a Twitter counts milestone.
  29. Harvest – Time and expense tracking service.
  30. Hashike – Aggregates recommendations using the hashtag #like.
  31. Hollrr – Endorse something that you love.
  32. Hot Tweeters – Like Hot or Not for Twitter users.
  33. HowMuchIs – Tweet an item’s details and the bot will respond with the three best prices for it.
  34. Huitter – View your Twitter feed like a RSS feed.
  35. I Hate Vans – Twitter tribute to the character Francis from Left for Dead based on real Tweets.
  36. I Know Tweet – Ask the Twitterverse for answers using the hash tag #iknowtweet.
  37. iList Micro – Uses hash tags #iwant and #ihave to create a Twitter marketplace that matches buyers and sellers.
  38. InnerTwitter – Sends periodic chimes to alert users to be mindful.
  39. Jabber Twitter Bridge – Checks your Jabber or Google Talk status and updates your Twitter status.
  40. JointContact – Collaborative project management service that can be updated through Twitter.
  41. JustSignal – Helps you sort social media content to get to what you’re interested in.
  42. Krumlr – Simple, quick social networking site that ties into Twitter.
  43. LastTweet – Display your most recent tweet in your Last.fm toolbar.
  44. Lexigraphs – Creates wordart from individual users’ most tweeted words.
  45. LOLWRUS – Converts tweets into lolcat speak and applies them to a random cute animal picture on the web (does not tweet them).
  46. Louder Tweets – Share your reviews for your favorite items via Twitter. Related to blog.loudervoice.com.
  47. Lovetwits – Site for sending anonymous tweets of love.
  48. Media Center Status – Windows app that updates Twitter status with your currently playing media.
  49. MeetNow Live – City-based event finder.
  50. Microrevie.ws – Aggregator for reviews on Twitter.
  51. Mindmeto – Calendar and reminder service for Twitter.
  52. Moochfly – Track what you’ve loaned to who, and direct message reminders to them.
  53. MuZoid – Tweet the name of a band to muzoid and get some info about them in reply.
  54. My Twitter Notebook – Keep notes for yourself on Twitter.
  55. MyCalc – Message this service to turn Twitter into scientific calculator.
  56. MyChores – Schedule and plan your to-do list with Twitter.
  57. Myflightinfo – Get your flight status with a DM.
  58. Mymilemarker – Easy to update mileage tracking service.
  59. Nutritter – Get nutrition info.
  60. OutTwit Me – Collection of Twitter-based games.
  61. Phweet – Talk to your Twitter friends with VOIP for free.
  62. Planypus – A wiki for your social life using Twitter.
  63. Plodt – Plot the things of interest to you.
  64. Portwiture – Randomly grabs photos and inserts from the web that apply to your Twitter status.
  65. Pubcrawlplanner – Easily plan a pub crawl on Twitter; find pubs, pick a theme and use custom invites.
  66. RedTag Tweets – Check the Twitter stream for coupons and deals.
  67. Remember The Milk – Popular to-do list management system.
  68. Roll.The.Dice – Twitter service that lets you generate random numbers through events including rolling dice and flipping coins.
  69. Sad Statements – Sad tweets auto-combined with Flickr images.
  70. Shareaholic – Social bookmarking browser client supporting more than 60 services including Twitter.
  71. Shopseen – Join a shopper’s social network by Twittering pics of local stores.
  72. SickCity – Analyzes the Twitter stream to determine the sickest cities around the world.
  73. Sigpad – Use your Twitter status as an email signature, including photos.
  74. Skibble – Tweet an animated whiteboard and collaborate with others on the board.
  75. Smashing Feeds – Mega compilation of Twitter news.
  76. SnapTweet – Service for quickly tweeting Flickr photos.
  77. Snipt – Easy way to share source code snippets on Twitter.
  78. Song.ly – Tweet a song title or mp3 link and your followers can listen to the song in a Song.ly player.
  79. Sporty Tweets – Stay up to date on your favorite teams.
  80. Spotd – Creates a network of citizen journalists for sharing the news in major cities.
  81. Spreadit.fm – Tool for creating and managing competitions on social networks including Twitter.
  82. Spymaster – Spy game played over Twitter.
  83. StockTwits – Network for stock and investment news.
  84. StoryTeller Me – Collaborative story-telling, poems and interactive fiction via Twitter.
  85. Strawpoll – Tiny daily Twitter polls.
  86. SugarStats – Blood sugar tracking for diabetics by DMing @ss1.
  87. SweetTweet – Tweet a gorgeous birthday cake.
  88. SXSW Lesson – Share the lessons of SXSW and retweet them.
  89. SyncMood – Synchronize Skype and Twitter status.
  90. Tempo – Track budgeted hours, people and projects and update through a variety of methods, including Twitter.
  91. The Bot Project – An attempt to identify all bots on Twitter.
  92. The Twitter Tag Protect – A game of tag on Twitter.
  93. Thwoa – Mashes up Jaikus and tweets in a floating, screensaver-like display.
  94. Tigerbow – Send real, tangible gifts to people over Twitter without needing to exchange physical addresses.
  95. Tlurk – If you and your friend are both Tlurk users, you can view each other’s Twitter timelines.
  96. Toodledo – To-do list program that can be modified through Twitter.
  97. Track Daily Goals – Use the #dailygoals hash tag to track your accomplishments.
  98. TrackThis – Tweet your tracking number and get updates when a package changes location.
  99. Traintext – Get BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) train schedule times on demand.
  100. Tratata – Easily post a message to the public Twitterwall.
  101. Trazzler Buzz – Tracking the most tweeted travel destinations.
  102. Twackle – Sports site and widget that finds tweets relating to your favorite teams, players, leagues and events.
  103. Twaction – Turns @ replies into actions.
  104. Twalala – Filter out and silence unwanted things in your Twitter stream.
  105. Twapper – Mashup of 30Boxes and Twitter.
  106. Twapps – Gallery/listing of Twitter apps.
  107. Twash – Vote the coolness of tweets up and down.
  108. Tweba – A Twitter marketplace using the hashtags #ihave and #wanttosell.
  109. Twecipe – Tweet ingredients to @twecipe and get a recipe in return.
  110. Twee60 – Update your Xbox Live status with your Twitter info.
  111. Tweeght – Stream of deep thoughts on Twitter.
  112. Tweeplecard – Create a free Twitter business card from various designs.
  113. Tweepshoot – Western shootout iPhone game—shoot the most-wanted spammers on Twitter, but don’t shoot your friends.
  114. Tweet My Link – Submit a link to be tweeted to the Twitterverse.
  115. Tweet On The Street – Technology topics rumor network for Twitter.
  116. Tweet Test – Collection of Web-based mini-games using data from your public Tweets.
  117. Tweet Ticket – Can’t use your ticket to an event? Want tickets? Join this network.
  118. Tweetans – Tweet a questions to be answered by experts everywhere.
  119. Tweetaways – If you’ve set up a Twitter-based contest challenging users to Tweet a specific phrase, use Tweetaways to randomly pick a winner from that group.
  120. TweetBrain – Ask questions across the Twitterverse.
  121. TweetCC – Publish and license your tweets with a Creative Commons license.
  122. TweetConvo – View any Twitter conversation as a thread.
  123. TweetCruit – Twitter job recruiting network.
  124. TweetDare – Lets you send a dare or secret message to the next person to register on TweetDare.
  125. Tweetdreams.org – Shows dreams posted to Twitter.
  126. Tweeterology – Displays tweets about the weather, searchable by location.
  127. Tweetfail – A collection of tweets featuring the word “fail.”
  128. TweetFlicks – Share your movie reviews.
  129. TweetLib – Pulls a random tweet and inserts it into a literary passage, often with humorous results.
  130. TweetLinkMonster – Creates an Atom feed of the links tweeted to you.
  131. TweetLister – Tweet real estate listings quickly with a web form.
  132. TweetManager – Web-based Twitter manager.
  133. TweetMart – Classifieds for Twitter.
  134. Tweetmeme – Tracks the hottest links on Twitter in a Digg-like interface.
  135. Tweetmood – Analyzes your last 20 status updates for mood.
  136. TweetPhoto – Easy multi-featured photo sharing service.
  137. Tweetree – Organizes your Twitter stream in tree form to provide context.
  138. TweetRSVP – Answer questions and respond to offers.
  139. Tweets.ws – “An online social news rack of popular topics.”
  140. Tweetshirt.me – Print a tweet on a t-shirt.
  141. TweetSticker – Create a cute sticker with the Twitter bird and your username.
  142. TweetVisor – Web-based Twitter dashboard.
  143. Tweetwasters – Enter your username and calculate how much time you waste on Twitter.
  144. TweetWhatYouSpend – Money tracker exportable to CSV or Excel.
  145. Twenglish – A silly site that translates tweets into “Twenglish.”
  146. Twesents – Send virtual gifts to friends.
  147. Twestival – Twitter events to benefit clean water charities.
  148. Twetris – Flash-based web game combining Tetris and Twitter, forming the latest tweets into blocks.
  149. Twi 5 – Twitter app resource.
  150. Twiddict – Service for the times that Twitter goes down—makes sure your tweets arrive at the intended destination when the service goes back up.
  151. Twiggit – Automatically tweet what articles you Digg.
  152. Twiix – Post your Twitter messages by topic.
  153. Twimme – Searchable display of all contests and giveaways being tweeted about.
  154. Twintoxirater – Fun quiz to rate your Twitter obsession level.
  155. Twippr – Send money over Twitter.
  156. Twirl of Riches – Hangman-style Twitter game.
  157. Twishlistter – Create and share wishlists over Twitter.
  158. Twisten.fm – Collects and shares tweets about songs and plays the songs.
  159. Twistori – Liveupdating graphic stream of the uses of love, believe, hate, feel, think and wish on Twitter.
  160. Twistory – Export your Twitter feed to your calendar application.
  161. Twit2RSS – Read Twitter in your RSS reader.
  162. Twit4trivia – Twitter-based trivia game.
  163. TwitBrain – Twitter game of super-quick calculations.
  164. TwitCal – Online calendar updatable through Twitter.
  165. TwitchBoard – Compiles your received links and sends them to services like delicious.
  166. TwitDiscounts – Twitterwall of discounts and deals.
  167. TwitFuel – Share local gas prices.
  168. TwitIQ – Web-based Twitter UI enhancer.
  169. Twitku – Read both Twitter and Jaiku in one place.
  170. Twitmarks – Application that tries to guess a user’s gender from their Twitter stream.
  171. Twitmoan – A place to complain about users who abuse the Twitter system. Claims to be monitored by Twitter support.
  172. TwitNote – Jot down your notes wherever you are using Twitter.
  173. Twitoku – Play sudoku by Twitter. Follow @twitoku.
  174. Twitpay – Make payments over Twitter using Amazon payments.
  175. Twitplot – Chart/plot on Twitter.
  176. Twitpoop – Lets you poop on anyone on Twitter.
  177. TwitQA – Discover, ask and answer questions via Twitter.
  178. Twitquizzes – Take personality quizzes like “What Twitter celebrity are you?”
  179. TwitRand – Choose a random follower from your list, for use in contests and promotions, etc.
  180. Twitread – Captures tweeted book reviews.
  181. Twitshop – Uses the hash tags #forsale, #4sale and #auction to create a marketplace directory.
  182. Twitspam – Site dedicated to stopping Twitter spam.
  183. Twittascope – Get your horoscope tweeted to you.
  184. Twitter app blog – A daily listing of Twitter apps.
  185. Twitter King Widget – Netvibes Twitter widget.
  186. Twitter Magnets – Play with magnetic poetry words and tweet the results.
  187. Twitter on ThinCloud – Web interface for Twitter for iPhone.
  188. Twitter Poll Daddy – Create a Poll Daddy multiple choice poll.
  189. Twitter Public Timeline Screensaver – Screensaver that posts a new tweet from the Twitter public timeline every three seconds.
  190. Twitter Tees by Threadless – Hip T-shirts about Twitter.
  191. Twitter Weather – Get and send local weather updates.
  192. Twitter2Mail – Monitors search.twitter.com and emails you your @replies.
  193. Twitter411 – Engine that allows you to create a Twitter-based information service.
  194. Twittercal – Connect your Twitter account to your Google calendar.
  195. TwitterGrep – View the most followed news and updates coming out of Twitter. No need for a Twitter account.
  196. TwitterJobCast – Track who’s hiring in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.
  197. TwitterJobSearch – A job search engine for Twitter.
  198. TwitterNonsense – An almost-daily webcomic based on Twitter.
  199. Twittley – Social bookmarking site for Twitter.
  200. Twittonary – A dictionary of Twitter terminology.
  201. TwitTrans – Tweet to twitrans for your Tweets to be translated by humans and sent on.
  202. Twittypop – Asks “who’s the hottest boy or girl on Twitter?”
  203. Twitvine – Grab exposure by including “twitvine” in your tweet. It will be displayed at the site.
  204. Twitzu – Promote your event on Twitter.
  205. Twivaways – Give away things on Twitter.
  206. Twollars – Send “twollars” to show appreciation to tweeple.
  207. Twonate – Donate to your favorite charities over Twitter.
  208. Twonvo – View your Twitter conversations as a thread.
  209. Twoogie M.D. – Tweet from a “Doogie Howser, M.D.” style interface.
  210. Twrctr – iPhone-optimized view of Twitter counter.com
  211. Twrivia – Follow Twrivia to get Trivia questions tweeted to you—tweet your answers.
  212. Twtask – Make simple to-do lists.
  213. TwtBizCard – Create and tweet a business card.
  214. Twtcard – Send a greeting card, invitation or message via Twitter.
  215. Twtjobs – Create a Twitter resume; post a job opening over Twitter.
  216. Twtlst – Create a simple gift registry for any occasion.
  217. Twtpets – Battle of the cute pets. Tweet a pic of your pet and keep track of your pet’s score among users.
  218. Twtpoll – Create Twitter-based polls.
  219. Twtqpon – Coupon creator that helps you distribute through social networking sites.
  220. Twttrlist – Gather your favorite tweets using multiple keywords and make “best of” lists.
  221. Twttrstrm – Ask your followers and gather your answers all in one spot.
  222. Twuoted – Collect great quotes by viewing Tweets marked with #quote tag.
  223. Twurfer – Get and send surf reports from your cell.
  224. Ugomo – Log workouts via Twitter.
  225. UgoTwitt – Get your Twitter replies by email.
  226. Uladoo – Simple and powerful app for collecting any kind of data and charting it via Twitter.
  227. Vayuzillow – Find the estimated value of an address, powered by Zillow.
  228. Verse Of The Day – Get any verse in the Bible tweeted to you by DM. Concordance and Bible dictionary entries also available.
  229. Wantz.it – Easily create wishlists on Twitter, Facebook and Delicious.
  230. Weatherizer – Updates your Twitter background and avatar according to the latest weather.
  231. WeatherSplat – Get daily weather updates tweeted to you.
  232. What do you think about Twitter? – Take a web-based poll.
  233. Whose Tweet? – Web-based game that challenges you to match your friends’ Tweets to their names.
  234. Wordola – Word game of unscrambling letters on Twitter.
  235. Xbox to Twitter – Connects your Xbox Gamertag to your Twitter account; update your Twitter with the Xbox game you’re currently playing.
  236. XboxTweet – Automatically tweet your Xbox achievements.
  237. Xpenser – Record expenses and hours through phone, SMS, IM, Twitter, and more.
  238. YiqYaq – Blends music with text-to-speech readings of tweets and posts from other social networks from your friends.
  239. ZombieTweet – Make your choices to defeat zombies, then tweet about it.

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Twitter desktop clients & application plug-ins

You don’t even have to be connected to the internet to take advantage of Twitter. Just pick one of the applications or plug-ins below and you are off to the races.

  1. Ada – Minimalist Twitter widget using Adobe AIR.
  2. Airmailr – Mac Adobe AIR-based Twitter client for the Dashboard.
  3. AlertThingy – Multi-platform social networking and RSS read client.
  4. Aperture2Twitter – Twitter plug-in for Mac Aperture.
  5. bDule – Twitter and Facebook client based on .NET.
  6. Beak – Mac Twitter client.
  7. BeTwittered – iGoogle Twitter widget, updates every three minutes.
  8. BigTweet – Bookmarklet that installs in any browser, allowing you to Tweet from any web page.
  9. Birdhive – Twitterwall for sharing creative works.
  10. Bitter – Themable multiple social network desktop client for Windows.
  11. Blogo – Mac client for Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Typo, Drupal, Joomla, Expession Engine, Twitter, Ping.fm and more.
  12. Blt – Command line Twitter app.
  13. Blu – Vista Twitter desktop client.
  14. Bluebird – Early version of Twitter app for Mac.
  15. Buzzbird – Multi-platform open source Twitter client with a sleek look.
  16. Celly – Freeware Mac Twitter client.
  17. ceTwit – Windows Mobile Twitter client using .NET.
  18. Chipin – Easy form for tweeting money requests.
  19. Chirp ’09 – Twitter client for the Mac OS Dashboard.
  20. Chirpio – Rate your follow Twitter users and find new people to follow.
  21. Chirrup – Twitter client for Japanese.
  22. Chris’ Twitter Badge – Simple Twitter JavaScript and Flash feed badges that match Twitter’s color scheme.
  23. CloudBerry TweetFox – Twitter plug-in for Firefox.
  24. CloudBerry TweetIE – Twitter plug-in for Internet Explorer.
  25. CrestrTwitter – Twitter Module for Crestron automation software.
  26. DashBlog – Firefox extension for quickly and easily posting videos.
  27. Desktube – YouTube app with multiple social network functionalities.
  28. Destroy Twitter – Lightweight Twitter client built on Adobe AIR.
  29. Digsby – Desktop chat, email and social networking client that supports numerous services and protocols.
  30. DMDeleter – Bookmarklet to delete all of your sent and received DMs.
  31. DX Monitor – Amateur radio users’ application with built-in Twitter functionality.
  32. Endless Tweets – Greasemonkey for Firefox script that auto-loads the next page as you scroll through the Twitter timeline, so multiple page clicks aren’t needed, plus auto-complete of friend names and many other features.
  33. EventBox – Mac client for Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, Flickr, Digg, RSS and Reddit.
  34. Excel to Twitter – Tweet from inside Microsoft Excel with this Excel add-in.
  35. Feedalizr – Desktop client for Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, Flickr, and Jaiku.
  36. Filttr – Adobe AIR-based app with intelligent keyword tweet filtering.
  37. Found.im – Location auto-updating multi- platform social networking updating client for Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.
  38. Friendbar – Firefox toolbar for updating Twitter and Facebook statuses.
  39. Friendbar – View Twitter and Facebook updates in the broswer status bar with this Firefox plugin.
  40. GoogleReader + Twitter – Share articles from GoogleReader to Twitter with Greasemonkey for Firefox extension.
  41. GPS Twit – iPhone geo-location app for Twitter.
  42. Gravity – Twitter client for the S60 platform.
  43. Gtwitter – Linux Twitter client inspired by Twitterific for Mac.
  44. Gwibber – Open source microblogging client supporting Twitter, Jaiku, Identi.ca, Facebook, Flickr, Digg and RSS.
  45. Gyazickr – Easy iPhone photo tweeting.
  46. Hahlo – Fully-featured web-based iPhone/iPod touch Twitter client.
  47. H-twt – Lightweight Twitter client for Linux.
  48. I-Lighter – IE and Firefox plug-in that allows you to highlight text inside a browser and quickly tweet it.
  49. ImageUploader – Mac Dashboard widget for uploading images to Twitter.
  50. InstantTweets – Tweet from the browser or by right-clicking your mouse with this Firefox extension.
  51. Instatweet – Push button quick Twitter iPhone app.
  52. Intercepter – Greasemonkey for Firefox script that auto-replaces tinyurls with full URLs when viewing Twitter sites.
  53. iPhoto2Twitter – Twitter plug-in for Mac iPhoto.
  54. iT Jargong – Social networking, instant messaging and feed client for mobile. Supports Flickr, Twitter, MSN Messager, ICQ, and AIM
  55. iTwtr – Open source iPhone client for Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Jabber and Google Reader.
  56. iTweet – iPhone client with built-in auto-refresh and hash tags, incorporated bit.ly URL shortening, Twitpic uploading.
  57. Jata – Twitter client designed to operate like Google Talk.
  58. Jon Aquino’s hack for official Twitter badge – A tweak of the official Twitter badge to increase the number of Tweets displayed and correct an issue in IE 7.
  59. Just Add me – Simple widget for getting people to add you to social networks.
  60. JustUpdate – Simple iPhone Twitter app that allows you to update your Twitter status.
  61. Keyboard Shortcuts Enhancement – Greasemonkey for Firefox script that enables keyboard shortcuts for Yahoo, Google, Baidu, Twitter, Jiwai, Flickr, Delicious and Friendfeed.
  62. Kicktweet – Simple Linux Twitter client.
  63. Knol.me – URL shortener.
  64. Kutano – Firefox plug-in that allows you to keep track of comments you make beside a web page and twitter them.
  65. LaTwit – Multi-account Twitter client for the iPhone that supports posting to Ping.fm.
  66. MadTwitter – Windows client similar to Twitterific for Mac.
  67. MahaloShare – Firefox extension that allows you to easily share bookmarks across multiple social networks.
  68. Mibbit – Chat + Twitter client.
  69. Mobilemapme – iPhone geolocation app that tweets location.
  70. MobiTile – Cross-platform mobile app for LiveJournal and Twitter status updates.
  71. Morgan Aldridge’s Twitter Badge – A tweak of the official Twitter badge that includes CSS capability plus other hacks.
  72. moTwit – Twitter client for Treo and Palm OS.
  73. mTweet – Client for Windows Mobile 6 or higher.
  74. MultiTwit – Adobe AIR-based Twitter client that supports multiple accounts.
  75. My foobar2000 – Twitter plug-in for audio player foobar2000.
  76. Nambu – Twitter and Friendfeed client for Mac, iPhone and iPod Touch.
  77. NatsuLion – Opensource Twitter client for Mac. App for iPhone available.
  78. Nested Twitter Replies – Greasemonkey for Firefox script that nests Twitter replies when viewing the Twitter main page.
  79. NitTwit – Windows Twitter client.
  80. Now shoosh! – Greasemonkey for Firefox that temporarily silences chatty Twitter friends.
  81. Peekr – Bookmarklet that lets you see a Twitter user’s entire background image.
  82. PeraPeraPrv – Java Twitter client.
  83. Pic.im – Simple and free iPhone app for sharing photos over Twitter.
  84. Pocket – Lightweight Mac Twitter app.
  85. Pockettweets – Web-based iPhone/iPod touch Twitter client.
  86. Pocketwit – Twitter client for PocketPC/Windows Mobile Professional.
  87. Posty – Lightweight Adobe AIR client for Twitter, Jaiku, Tumblr, Friendfeed and Identi.ca.
  88. PowerTwitter – Firefox extension adding functionality to the Twitter main page, including URL expansion to page titles, search and recent searches displayed, Facebook status updates and more.
  89. Pwytter – Open source Windows, Mac and Linux Twitter client available in 14 languages.
  90. PyTwit – Python-based Twitter client with a command line interface.
  91. QckTwit – Absolutely no-frills client for Twitter.
  92. QKTwit – Very simple status update app for Twitter.
  93. qTweeter – iPhone app for updating Twitter or Facebook status.
  94. QuakBak – A widget for your site that pulls up tweets related to that URL and displays them.
  95. Qwitter – Service to help you quit smoking.
  96. ReadMyTweets – Read other users Tweets and get your own read. Uses a good reader scoring system to ensure fairness.
  97. Really Worried – Twitterwall for those with worries.
  98. Reverse Tweet Order – Greasemonkey for Firefox script to temporarily reverse the order of tweets on a page.
  99. Safari140 – Safari browser extension that lets you post directly to Twitter.
  100. Sat2Twitter – Update Twitter via email or SPOT Satellite Messenger when you’re in remote spots.
  101. SayTweet – Build a custom Twitter widget that shows your updates on an image.
  102. SearchCloudlet – Firefox extension that organizes your Google, Yahoo and Twitter search results into cloud tags.
  103. Second Life Twitter HUD – Allows you to send and receive Tweets on a heads-up display from inside Second Life.
  104. Seesmic – Popular Twitter and Facebook client with multiple account support.
  105. ShortSearch Twitter Shortcuts – System tray-based Twitter client for Windows.
  106. Shozu – iPhone app for quickly sharing photos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more.
  107. Sideline – Adobe AIR app for watching, searching and monitoring the Twitter public timeline in real time.
  108. Skitter – Enter your Twitter updates as Skype mood text.
  109. Slandr – Complete mobile phone Twitter client. Tweet pictures with Twitpic or Mobypictures, view the public timeline and more.
  110. Snitter – Lightweight Adobe AIR-based client.
  111. Sobees – Desktop client for Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, Digg, Flickr and Youtube.
  112. Sociagami – Manage your Facebook, Twitter and MySpace accounts with this Windows desktop client.
  113. Spaz – Open source Adobe AIR-based Twitter client.
  114. Spreadtweet – Twitter client that looks like a spreadsheet for tweeting more safely at work.
  115. Statuzer – Adobe AIR-based Twitter client.
  116. StickyTweets – Lightweight Twitter client for Windows XP and up.
  117. Syrinx – Free customizable open source Twitter client for Mac.
  118. TBuzz – Bookmarklet that lets you tweet the page you’re visiting easily and view tweets about it.
  119. Teletwitter – Open source Twitter client for Windows.
  120. Threeter – Lightweight Windows app for updating your Twitter status.
  121. TikiTwit – Update your Facebook and Twitter statuses when you change your iChat status.
  122. Tiny Twitter – Twitter client for any Java-based web-enabled phone—no need to use SMS.
  123. Toucan – Twitter client for Salesforce software.
  124. TTYter for Perl – Command line interface Twitter client for Perl.
  125. Twadget – Vista sidebar Twitter client.
  126. Twaitter – Scheduling client and app using Twitter.
  127. Tw-autocomplete – Firefox extension that adds auto-complete support for @messages and direct messages.
  128. Tway – Unobtrusive Windows Twitter client which minimizes to an icon in the system tray.
  129. Tweet All About It – Firefox and IE plug-in for tweeting highlighted text from a browser.
  130. Tweetdeck – Sleek multi-platform Twitter client, also allowing Facebook status updates.
  131. TweetEasy – Small footprint Windows Twitter client.
  132. Tweeter – Free iPhone Twitter client.
  133. Tweeter – Java-based desktopTwitter client.
  134. TweetGeek Social Network widget – Keep in touch with other Twitter geeks from TweetGeek using this iPhone app.
  135. Tweetie – Twitter client for Mac and iPhone.
  136. TweetMarker – Firefox extension that makes it easy to tweet selected text on a web page.
  137. Tweetr – Desktop app for Mac and Windows; send files to your files over Twitter with drag-and-drop.
  138. TweetSheet – Multi-lingual Twitter client that lets you view tweets in an Excel spreadsheet-like format.
  139. TweetSQL – Twitter client for SQL Server 2005 & 2008.
  140. TweetStalk – Firefox extension to follow without following.
  141. TweetThisText – Bookmarklet that allows easy tweets of web page text.
  142. TweeTube – Offers bookmarklets that make it quick to tweet media.
  143. TweetyBot – Windows desktop client for Twitter.
  144. Twessenger – Windows Live Messenger plug-in adding Twitter functionality.
  145. Twhirl – Adobe AIR-based desktop client for Twitter and other social networks.
  146. Twibble – Desktop and mobile clients for Twitter.
  147. Twidget – Twitter widget for Mac OS X Dashboard.
  148. Twidroid – Premium Android Twitter client.
  149. Twinbox – Use Twitter inside of Microsoft Outlook.
  150. Twinja – Adobe AIR-based Twitter client.
  151. Twinkle – Free iPhone Twitter client incorporating geo-location, photo uploading and more.
  152. TwiPing – Windows desktop Twitter client that allows mass following and unfollowing based on keywords.
  153. Twipper – Twitter widget for the Opera browser.
  154. Twistori desktop – Desktop version of Twistori keyword visualizer for Mac.
  155. Twit.el – Linux Twitter client. Use Twitter while in Emacs.
  156. Twit2Do – To-do list management by DMing user twit2do or visiting the site.
  157. Twit4Live – Twitter extension for Windows Live Messenger.
  158. TwitBabble – Adobe AIR-based Twitter desktop client.
  159. Twitbin – Firefox extension allowing you to tweet and receive tweets from a browser sidebar.
  160. TwitBlocker – Greasemonkey script for Firefox that allows you to temporarily silence Twitter friends without unfollowing them.
  161. Twitcher – Lightweight Mac or Windows Twitter client with local cached storage, much more.
  162. Twitfire – iPhone for browsing the web and easily inserting the links into your tweets.
  163. Twitgit for Twitter – Mac OSX Dashboard widget for Twitter.
  164. TwitKit – Six section tabbed Twittering via Firefox extension.
  165. Twitlet – Javascript bookmarklet for fast Twitter updating.
  166. TwitPic Previewer – Greasemonkey for Firefox script that auto-previews Twitpics when viewing Twitter.
  167. Twitsaver – Windows software that makes a screensaver from photos from the public Twitterstream.
  168. TwitSnip – Extension available for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and IE that makes it easy to quote text from a web page. It looks for a Twitter user associated with the site and atrributes it, provides URL shortening, and tries to shorten the length of overlong tweets.
  169. Twitt Twoo – Plug-in that lets you update your Twitter status from your blog’s sidebar.
  170. Twittelator Pro – Multi-featured iPhone Twitter client; recipient of Macworld award.
  171. Twitter @reply to a specific message – Greasemonkey for Firefox script that lets you reply to a Twitter status without having to include @user in your reply.
  172. Twitter Auto Replace URL with bit.ly URL – Greasemonkey script for Firefox that autoreplaces URLs with bit.ly URLs when typing or pasting URLs on the main Twitter page.
  173. Twitter Automator Action Pack for Leopard 1.0 – Automate 10 actions for interacting with Twitter using Mac OS X Automator.
  174. Twitter badge for iGoogle – View the Twitter stream from iGoogle.
  175. Twitter CLI – Command line interface Twitter client.
  176. Twitter Deskbar – Extendable Ubuntu deskbar Twitter client.
  177. Twitter Emoticons – Greasemonkey for Firefox script to replace text-based emoticons with Yahoo emoticon images.
  178. Twitter Enhancements: Retweet This – Greasemonkey for Firefox script that appends a retweet button to the end of each Twitter entry when viewing Twitter.
  179. Twitter Enhancements: Retweet This to Plurk – Greasemonkey for Firefox scipt that adds a “retweet this to Plurk” button at the end of each Twitter entry.
  180. Twitter Follower Sorter – Greasemonkey for Firefox script that sorts your followers by whether or not your follow them.
  181. Twitter for Facebook – Twitter application for use inside of Facebook.
  182. Twitter for VIM – Twitter client for VIM.
  183. Twitter friend name helper – Greasemonkey for Firefox script that suggests friend names from your Twitter friends as you type.
  184. Twitter Friends Bio at a Glance – Greasemonkey script for Firefox that lets you view Twitter users’ bios and most recent tweets at a glance when viewing the main Twitter page.
  185. Twitter IM – Sends you Twitter updates on gtalk.
  186. Twitter Integration into Google search – Firefox extension that places a Twitter search option on the Google search page.
  187. Twitter Live Updater – Greasemonkey for Firefox script that live updates the Twitter home/replies/public timeline without needing to refresh the browser.
  188. Twitter mod – Greasemonkey for Firefox script that adds a number of most-wanted features when viewing Twitter.
  189. Twitter profile popup – Greasemonkey for Firefox script that displays a Twitter user’s profile when you hover over their avatar.
  190. Twitter Replies Search – Greasemonkey for Firefox extension that quickly displays all @replies for a specific user.
  191. Twitter REST api – Quick reference guide to the Twitter REST API documentation in a Mac Dashboard widget.
  192. Twitter Search – Firefox extension adding a browser search bar for Twitter search.
  193. Twitter Search and Tools – Greasemonkey for Firefox extension that adds a search box and tools section to the Twitter sidebar.
  194. Twitter Search Bar – Greasemonkey for Firefox extension that allows you to access Twitter search and the most tweeted topics from the Twitter main page.
  195. Twitter Sidebar Replies – Greasemonkey for Firefox script that places your received replies on a sidebar on your Twitter homepage.
  196. Twitter Thingy – A very simple Adobe AIR-based Twitter client.
  197. Twitter Toolbar – Twitter toolbar plug-in for IE and Firefox.
  198. Twitter Upgrade – Greasemonkey for Firefox script that adds Twitter keys, search, latitude & longitude converted to real location, friend follows and more.
  199. Twitter User Classify – Greasemonkey for Firefox extension that classifies Twitter users at a glance on a scale ranging from spammer to Twittercaster.
  200. Twitter_lite – Greasemonkey for Firefox script that creates a browser-based lite Twitter client that can be opened at any time from within the browser by hitting shift+T.
  201. Twitter2go – Simple and clean mobile phone Twitter client.
  202. Twitter4R – The ultimate open source Ruby Library for the Twitter REST API.
  203. TwitterBar – Tweet from Firefox’s address bar with this extension.
  204. Twitterbeis – Desktop and web Microsoft Silverlight-based Twitter app.
  205. TwitterBerry – Blackberry client for Twitter that works over the data network. No need for SMS.
  206. TwitterBook – Firefox extension that lets you tweet when you bookmark a web page.
  207. Twitterboost – iPhone app that suggests new people to follow.
  208. Twitterbox – A Twitter client for use inside Second Life.
  209. Twitterbox – Simple and clean Twitter widget for Windows.
  210. Twittereeze – Extension for Mac Twitteriffic that lets you update your status for iChat, Skype and Adium with your Twitter status.
  211. TwitterEyes – Firefox extension that trims extra characters from tweets automatically.
  212. TwitterFon & TwitterFon Pro – iPhone clients featuring clean interface; multi-account management and more in Pro version.
  213. TwitterFox – Simple Firefox extension that allows you to view your friends’ tweets and update your own status.
  214. TwitterFox – Firefox extension for updating and checking Twitter via a small icon on the status bar.
  215. TwitterGadget – Web 2.0 style Twitter client. Can be used on its own, with iGoogle or GMail, in a bookmark applet and more.
  216. Twitterific – Popular Mac and iPhone/iPod Touch Twitter client.
  217. Twitterified – Lightweight open source Twitter client.
  218. Twitterlex – Mac OS X Dashboard widget that shows the last 30 tweets by you and your tweeple.
  219. Twitterlicious – Free, concise Windows Twitter client. Hides in the system tray.
  220. TwitterLine – Firefox extension that shows friends’ tweets in your browser toolbar, lets you update your status and add & remove favorites.
  221. TwitterLink – iPhone Twitter app that makes it easy to tweet links by adding functionality in a bookmarklet in Safari.
  222. TwitterLit – Tweeting the first line of books twice a day.
  223. TwitterLocal – Adobe AIR-based app that lets you filter tweets by location.
  224. Twitteroo – Simple Windows Twitter client.
  225. TwitterSubmitter – Simple app for submitting tweets without a browser.
  226. TwitterToolbar – Creates a Twitter toolbar in Firefox.
  227. TwitterYM – Ruby On Rails script that updates your Yahoo Messenger status with your Twitter status.
  228. Twittget – Twitter widget for Windows 7.
  229. Twittix – Twitter client for Nokia smartphones.
  230. Twittle – Lightweight Windows Twitter client.
  231. TwittMe! – Self-updating lightweight Twitter app for Windows.
  232. TwitTray – System tray-based Twitter client for Windows.
  233. TwittX – Windows desktop Twitter client.
  234. TwittyTunes – Companion to the FoxyTunes Firefox extension. Allows you to tweet your now-playing song with one click.
  235. Twitulater – Adobe AIR-based Twitter client aimed at power users.
  236. Twitux – GTK+ Twitter client.
  237. Twitzer – Firefox extension allowing you tweet more than 140 characters.
  238. Twixtr – Share pictures and update your status from your phone for Twitter, Flickr, Picasa and Facebook.
  239. TwooshSpotter – Greasemonkey for Firefox script that spots and indicates “Twooshes” –tweets of exactly 140 characters.
  240. Twshot – Bookmarklet that lets you update your Twitter status as the web page you’re currently viewing.
  241. Twtview – Twitter client for Win32.
  242. Twype – Windows app for syncing your Skype and Twitter statuses. Can also set your currently playing Winamp song as a Skype status.
  243. UberTwitter – Twitter client for Blackberries.
  244. Visual Twit – Simple Twitter posting client for Windows.
  245. WackyB Twitter Sync – Twitter plug-in for Yahoo Messenger.
  246. Widsets – Mobile Twitter client.
  247. Witty – Open source Twitter client for Vista and XP powered by the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
  248. Witty Tweets – Twitter client for Windows Xp and Vista.
  249. WWWitter – Bookmarklet to easily view and participate in Twitter conversations about the web page you’re viewing.
  250. Yahoo Messenger Twitter Sync Plugin – Twitter plug-in for Yahoo Messenger. Synchronize your Messenger and Twitter status and more.
  251. Yakkle – Twitter, IM and VOIP client.
  252. Yasst – Cross-platform Twitter client.
  253. Zen Twitter – Small script that allows you to update your Twitter status without having a browser window open.
  254. Ziibii – iPhone app blending Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr.

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Web apps for tweeting

What is everybody using online to help manage all that info? What kind of online software is available? How can you separate the signal from all the noise? Take advantage of one or more of the web based Twitter applications to sift through the clutter.

  1. 12seconds – Quickly send video updates to many social networks including Twitter.
  2. 140it – Makes your tweet less than 140 characters.
  3. 2tweet – Tweet multiple photos and videos directly from your email.
  4. Acamin – Share files with your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn friends up to 15MB.
  5. Autopostr – Automatically let your friends know that you posted a new photo to Flickr.
  6. CallTweet – Leave voice tweets. Not restricted to 140 characters.
  7. Drunktwt – Send anonymous, uncensored tweets – safe for drunk tweeting.
  8. Emoji.fu – Converts iPhone emoji (Japanese picture icons) for use in Twitter and elsewhere on the web.
  9. EzTweets – Breaks messages longer than 140 characters into multiple parts.
  10. Ffwd – Share your favorite videos with friends on social networks including Twitter.
  11. FileSocial – Share “any file” in any format over Twitter through File Social.
  12. FileTwt – Upload, share and Tweet about files for free – 20 MB max per file.
  13. Flick.to.twitt – Auto-announce Flickr posted photos on Twitter.
  14. FlipMyTweet – Twitter upside down.
  15. FlipTitle – Send upside-down text in tweets.
  16. Followize – Streamlined text-based Twitter web interface.
  17. Hellotxt – Update your status message across multiple social and microblogging networks at one site.
  18. IsTwitterDown – Trouble tweeting? Answers the question “Is Twitter down?” with a simple yes or no.
  19. iTweetReply – Service that emails you whenever you are mentioned or receive an @ reply.
  20. Message Dance – Service for sending updates, posts and media quickly from one social networking platform to another.
  21. MobyPicture – Tool for sharing photos on Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Blogger, WordPress and more.
  22. MoodBlast – Simultaneously update your status on multiple chat clients and services.
  23. MorseTweet – Tweet in Morse code and translate Morse code to English.
  24. NutshellMail – Do all your Twitter activity through email.
  25. Peoplebrowsr – View multiple social networking sites and their functionalities in separate stacks.
  26. Pikchur – Easy picture posting for dozens of social networks.
  27. Ping.fm – Update your messages with text or pictures on over 40 social networks.
  28. PingTwitter – Autotweet your new blog posts through trackbacks.
  29. Pingvine – Free service to post your blog Atom or RSS feed and post it to Twitter, Ping.fm or Identi.ca.
  30. Post Like A Pirate – Convert your tweets into pirate speak.
  31. Posterous – Post media to dozens of social networking and to personal domains with just an email.
  32. Postica – Share and distribute notes, reminders and files on the web and send sticky notes to Twitter friends.
  33. Print Your Twitter – Keep a record of your Tweets through archiving or printing; save/print Twitter searches.
  34. Qik – Stream live from your mobile phone to Twitter.
  35. Replies – Get replies containing your @username in your inbox without revealing your password.
  36. Scr.im – Convert your email address into a shortened form to avoid spam.
  37. Swg.fm – Share videos and mp3s on Twitter.
  38. Tweet cut – Reduce the length of your tweet by auto-replacing with common abbreviations.
  39. TweetByMail – Update Twitter through email.
  40. TweetCube – Share files up to 10 MB via Twitter.
  41. Tweetwrappr – “Gift wrap” your tweet.
  42. Twerbose – Post tweets much longer than 140 characters and much more.
  43. Twi8r – Convert tweets to text shorthand.
  44. Twickly – Create templates for sending quick tweets.
  45. Twiddeo – Upload video to Twitter from your camera and the web and record from your webcam.
  46. TwitDoc – Share pictures and documents in various formats using Twitter.
  47. Twitgoo – Easily tweet pictures. Accomodates lots of picture apps.
  48. TwitLens – Quickly upload up to five image files or videos and tweet them.
  49. TwitNGo – Post jpgs and pngs to Twitter.
  50. TwitPic – Share photos on Twitter.
  51. TwitrPics – Share photos on Twitter.
  52. Twitsay – International service for sending voice messages over Twitter.
  53. TwitSnaps – Tweet photos from your phone, TwitSnaps site or API.
  54. Twitsrc – Tool for tweeting source code with license and language selector.
  55. TwitterCompressor – Automatically remove spaces and capitalize words in your tweets to avoid wasting a single character.
  56. TwitterContd – Lets you Tweet more than 140 words by creating signifier shortcuts.
  57. Twitterfone – Send messages to Twitter using voice.
  58. Twitterkeys – Add wingdings to your tweets.
  59. Twittermail – Service that assigns you a unique email address that you can send email to in order to update Twitter.
  60. TwitterMail – Tweet and receive tweets via email with a Twittermail email address.
  61. TwitterTime – Schedule your tweets in advance.
  62. TwittExperts – Premium service that lets you follow experts in their field.
  63. Twitvid.io – Multiple ways to easily share videos over Twitter. Record directly from your webcam.
  64. Twitwhoop – Tweet by calling a local LA or New York phone number. Others can reply by phone.
  65. Twonvert – Auto-converts tweets into SMS shorthand language.
  66. Twtinvite – Quickly and easily tweet invitations.
  67. Twuffer – Compose and schedule your tweets in advance.
  68. Vacatweet – Set up vacation auto-responses for your Twitter account.
  69. Yfrog – Share images or videos on Twitter from upload or URL.

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Location apps

It’s a big world out there – let your friends know where you are. Tag your Tweets with a regional locator to add another dynamic to your message. Let your followers know what the traffic is like in New York, or the weather in Los Angeles, or even how you’re doing at the table in Las Vegas. Why not?

  1. Antloc – Geo-tagging service for sharing your location on Twitter and Facebook.
  2. GeoTweet – Helps you tweet your exact longitude and latitude and marks it on a global map.
  3. Geotwitta – Command line program to calculate the distance to other Twitter users.
  4. GeoTwitterous – Another app for geo-locating tweets.
  5. IRL Connect – Visual geolocation social networking.
  6. Lok8 – Lightweight app for auto-updating your location on Twitter.
  7. Long.tud3 – Positions your friends’ status messages on a global map.
  8. MyTweetMap – Create a Google Map of the locations of your tweeple’s tweets.
  9. Nearbytweets – Enter a street address and a search radius and find tweets sent from nearby.
  10. PlazzMe – Enter your location and tweet it as a shortened URL.
  11. Schmap – Tweet maps plus star ratings, notes, photos and more. Also available for iPhone.
  12. Tweetmapper – Auto-create a map of where you’ve been each time you Twitter.
  13. Twittas map – Where in the world are your friends? Create a map.
  14. Twittearth – Gorgeous visualization of Twitter activity around the world.
  15. Twittervision – Worldwide map of Twitter use with frequent updating.
  16. Twittervision for iPhone – Simply shows real-time tweets on a map of the world.
  17. Twttrip – Tell the world where you’re going and when; display local events and meet up with fellow travelers.

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Tools for webmasters: Keyword tools, account management apps, advertising tools & URL shorteners

Not just a casual user? Looking to learn about the performance of your account? Want to track analytics, or maximize advertising revenues? Tweet too long? Pick a URL shortening service and write your novella.

  1. AdCause – Buy and sell Twitter-based advertising.
  2. Adjix – Shorten and tweet URLs, track clicks and earn revenue.
  3. AllYourTweet – Comprehensive dashboard for account management, marketing tools and analytics.
  4. Autotweeting – Power user management tool – auto-welcome new followers, manage up to 10 Twitter accounts, schedule bulk tweets for multiple individual users, and more.
  5. BeTweeted – Pay-per-click Twitter profile monetization.
  6. Categorical.ly – Web-based client and management system for users who follow more than 500 users.
  7. Catfood Follower – Automatically track friends and remove friends who don’t follow you back with this desktop app.
  8. Checkdomain – Check domain availabilty by DMing checkdomain.
  9. Cheepflow – Adds functionalities for working together in Microsoft Sharepoint using Twitter.
  10. Chilp – URL shortening service.
  11. Cloud.li – Input a word or phrase to see a rapidly updating cloud of words often Tweeted with it.
  12. Comment Twitter SMS Notification – Get notified by SMS when a user posts a new comment on your blog.
  13. Cotweet – Allows multiple people to communicate through a corporate Twitter account while staying in sync with one another.
  14. Cut.Tw – URL shortener for Twitter that allows you to see who clicked your link, lets you set up password gates and more.
  15. DailyRT – View the most retweeted tweets.
  16. Datatoy – Create custom charts of keyword frequency among selected users.
  17. EasyTweets – Manage up to 100 Twitter accounts from one Web-based login.
  18. Eventtrack – Service tracking tweets about a designated event.
  19. Feednest – Auto-tweet your RSS feed.
  20. Feedtweeter – Feed RSS items to Twitter, Plurk and Identi.ca.
  21. Flashtweet – Web-based mass follow and friend management tool.
  22. Future Tweets – Easily schedule future tweets.
  23. Goldmail – Premium business-oriented audio slideshow to Twitter service.
  24. Gridjit – Presents social network friends and posts/tweets in a grid with drill-down ability.
  25. GroupTweet – Allows you to create groups of Twitter friends and send messages only to them.
  26. Happn.in – Directory of top tweeted topics by city.
  27. Hot Twitter Spy – Tool for Twitter marketing.
  28. Href.in – URL shortener.
  29. Hummingbird – Premium Twitter marketing software.
  30. IZEA – Pay-per-click Twitter advertising via IZEA’s Social Spark platform.
  31. Linkbun.ch – URL shortener that lets you send multiple URLS with one short link.
  32. Magpie – Connecting advertisers and Twitterers to monetize Twitter streams.
  33. Matt – Web-based app for managing multiple accounts.
  34. Monitter – Tool for monitoring a keyword set on Twitter.
  35. Mr. Tweet – Give and get recommendations for followers, discover relevant users, track your usage.
  36. My First Follow – Script to quickly tell you who first followed you.
  37. My Tweet Cloud – Generate a cloud of your hashtags.
  38. MyCleenr – Sort your friends by how often they tweet, and delete the inactive users.
  39. ObjectiveMarketer – A four-part system of social network data collection for marketing use.
  40. Official Twitter search engine – Search the Twitterverse.
  41. Ol.am – URL shortener with tracking capability.
  42. Page Tweet – URL shortener and tracker with bookmarklet.
  43. QuoteURL – Merge various Twitter updates into one page for easy reposting.
  44. Refollow – Management system allowing batch follow/unfollow and more.
  45. Repeet – Tracks the hottest retweets on a Twitterwall.
  46. Repeets – Top retweets.
  47. Retweetist – Lists the top retweets.
  48. ReTweetRadar – Analyzes the behavior of retweets.
  49. Retweetrank – View the top retweeters; find any user’s retweetrank.
  50. RevTwt – Resource for monetizing your tweets.
  51. ServerMojo – Keep tabs on your server using Twitter.
  52. Site Tweet – Allows webmasters to receive tweets whenever a user performs a certain action on their site.
  53. Site Volume – Tabbed search of Digg, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter.
  54. Snipurl – URL shortener with available bookmarklet, API, and multi-link shortening capability.
  55. Social – Makes a Twitter account an open conversation for all of its followers; great for use during events.
  56. Social Mention – Operates like Google Alerts for hot Twitter topics.
  57. Socialtoo – Social network management service to keep followers and friends lists in sync across networks.
  58. SplitTweet – Multiple Twitter account manager plus keyword/brand monitoring.
  59. Sprout – Multitiered premium social networking brand analytics, tracking and marketing.
  60. Spy – Searchable stream of tweets, Friendfeed, Flickr, blog comments from Backtype, Yahoo News, RSS feeds from Friendfeed and Google Reader.
  61. The Archivist – Tool for saving and exporting Twitter searches, creating charts.
  62. The Twitter Bot – Premium friend-adding automating Twitter marketing software.
  63. Tinker – Analytics and marketing service allowing you to search, analyze and correlate data on Twitter topics. In beta as of May 2009.
  64. TinyTw.it – Shorten URLs and upload and share files.
  65. Trendrr – Social network for those who analyze social networks. Share graphs and tracking info to make new connections.
  66. Tritrak – Allows you to track a user’s basic profile, friends and followers on the same page. View the most tracked users.
  67. Tunkrank – Analyzes a Twitter user’s influence.
  68. Twadl.com – Trackable photo posting.
  69. Twazzup – Searches Twitter with organizable results.
  70. Tweefind – Find users on Twitter by their rank.
  71. Tweenky – Web-based client for multiple microblogging sites.
  72. Tweepler – Helps you organize your friends and followers, including an archive function.
  73. TweepleTwak – Keep track of your tweeple.
  74. Tweepsearch – Search a user’s friends and followers.
  75. Tweepular – Colorful app for follower/following management.
  76. Tweepz – Twitter search engine.
  77. Tweet Cloud – 3D rotating cloud of most Tweeted topics, updated by the minute.
  78. Tweet Later – Automate your Tweets, bulk upload, and other tools for power users.
  79. Tweet3 – Web-based multiple account management system.
  80. Tweetag – Displays top 40 tweeted topics in a cloud.
  81. Tweetake – Backup your Twitter.
  82. Tweetalink – Let website owners know that you referred your followers by adding a link to your own site and Twitter profile when you tweet a link.
  83. TweetBackup – Backup your tweets and friend list.
  84. TweetBeep – Built to be “like Google alerts for Twitter.” Updated hourly.
  85. Tweetbucks – URL shortening service that pays referral dollars.
  86. Tweetburn – Find the top Twitter users on a specific topic.
  87. Tweetburner – Shorten, share and track URLs for Twitter and Facebook.
  88. TweetBuzzer – Track the most Twittered brand names for the last 24 hours, the last 7 days and the last 30 days.
  89. TweetClouds – Develop word clouds from public Twitter streams or from any group of words.
  90. TweetDumpr – Export your most recent 3,200 tweets to a text file.
  91. TweetEffect – Find out when you gained and lost followers and what you tweeted.
  92. TweeterScope – Premium Twitter management app.
  93. TweetFu – Create a battle between two keywords—Apple vs. Microsoft, love vs. hate—and see which one occurs more frequently over time.
  94. Tweetgrid – Real-time updating personalized grid of Twitter searches.
  95. Tweetica – Tracks stats for nearly 200,000 Twitter users.
  96. Tweetle by Searchles Inc – Continually searches for contextually related tweets and displays them.
  97. TweetLists – List the most tweeted links.
  98. Tweetmeme – Tracks the hottest links on Twitter in a Digg-like interface.
  99. Tweetname – Register domain names in seconds.
  100. TweetParty – Put your friends in groups to message them more easily on Twitter.
  101. TweetRooster – Code that allows users to tweet directly from your site or blog.
  102. Tweetrush – Provides stats on Twitter usage over time based on the Rush Hour search engine.
  103. TweetScan – Search for key terms in the stream, get email updates on your searches.
  104. TweetSocial – Twitter forum.
  105. TweetStumble – Search the links that other Twitterers are tweeting.
  106. TweetSum – Easily manage your followers.
  107. Tweettop – Get tweets from a pre-set topic delivered to you.
  108. TweetValue – Evaluate the potential ad value of your Twitter profile.
  109. Tweetvolume – Check the frequency of selected words or phrases in the Twitterverse and create charts.
  110. Tweetwall – Create your personal aggregator by choosing three hashtags to watch.
  111. Tweetworks – Start public or private Twitter groups, read threaded discussions.
  112. Tweexchange – Sell your username and search for available names.
  113. Tweleted – Recover deleted tweets. Available in good or evil modes.
  114. Twemes – Tracks Twitter memes i.e. commonly tweeted words and hashtags.
  115. Twerms – Analyze a user’s last 200 tweets for keywords.
  116. TwerpScan – Customizable app for tracking your followers, your followers’ followers, and their friend-to-follower ratio.
  117. Twibes – Find and join Twitter groups.
  118. Twibs – Search and browse 13,000 businesses in a Twitter directory.
  119. TwiBuzz – Analytics tool plotting the frequency of tweeted key words.
  120. Twickie – Quickly archive a Twitter response thread.
  121. Twiffid – Find the blogs of twitter users by username.
  122. Twifish – Twitter search engine that also searches for synonyms for your keyword.
  123. Twilert – Receive email updates of tweets containing your chosen keyword.
  124. Twimailer – Get in-depth emails from Twitter.
  125. Twispot – Explore Twitter conversations based on topic.
  126. TwitClicks – Shorten URLs, track who clicked them and more.
  127. TwitExplorer – Web-based Twitter management tool calling itself “the most efficient client on the Web.”
  128. TwitFave – Lists the most-frequently favorited tweets. API available.
  129. Twitfilter – Sorted and searchable tweets, view your tweeple in an address book, new follower stats and more.
  130. Twitoaster – Threads and archives your messages; collects statistics.
  131. Twitomate – Simple multi-account automated Tweeting.
  132. Twitority – Authority-based Twitter search engine.
  133. Twitpipe – Three-column trending topic tweet viewer.
  134. TwitPub – Marketplace for premium tweets.
  135. TwitPwr – URL shortener and tracker with detailed tracking and stats.
  136. TwitResponse – Set up unlimited messages to be tweeted automatically.
  137. Twitscoop – Real-time web-based Twitter gateway including background multi-tab search and graphs, auto-preview for Twitpics, bit.ly stat checking and more.
  138. Twitseek – Twitter search engine with a Google look.
  139. Twitseeker – Search engine and analytics that allow you to search and rank users based on who’s talking the most about your chosen subject.
  140. Twitshort – URL shortening service with tracking, built-in Twitter profile linking, temporary download link creation, data on clicks and more.
  141. Twittad – Matching advertisers and tweeple to monetize Twitter profiles.
  142. TwittBot – Allows multiple people to post to a single Twitter account. Doesn’t rely on who you’ve followed, unlike other similar apps.
  143. TwitTemperature – Find out how hot or cold your tweets are for the most tweeted topics.
  144. Twitter Delay – Charts the time between tweets sent and received.
  145. Twitter Digest – Analytics tool listing the most frequently Tweeted topics over the past 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days and 7 days.
  146. Twitter Echo Factor – Analyzes your Twitter account’s reach based on multiple criteria.
  147. Twitter Spectrum – Enter two terms for a visualization comparing their occurrence on Twitter.
  148. Twitter Venn – View several keywords’ frequency and coincidence in the Twitter stream in a Venn diagram.
  149. TwitterHawk – Premium marketing service that searches for a designated keyword, then arranges introductions between users interested in that keyword.
  150. TwitterMass – Account management for power users.
  151. Twitterment – Twitter search engine.
  152. TwitterMeSideways – Buy space at 5 cents a pixel and get followers.
  153. TwitterScribe – Back up your tweets and export them to a text file or journal-style PDF.
  154. Twittersheep – Generates a word cloud from the tweets of your tweeple.
  155. TwitterSnipe – Auto-follow users based on your target keywords.
  156. TwitterSplit – Autoframes every link you post with a banner after users click it.
  157. Twittertise – Advertise on Twitter and track the success of branded communications.
  158. TwitterTopTwenty – Tracks the top 20 topics most frequently Twittered, as well as the top 20 users by number of followers, the top 20 users by friends, and top 20 user stats (input a Twitter username).
  159. Twittertroll – Real time Twitter search engine.
  160. TwittGeek – Automatically follows 200 targeted people based on keywords you write.
  161. TwittieMe – Free place to advertise your Twitter profile.
  162. TwittLink – Most tweeted links in a Digg-style format.
  163. Twitturly – Track the most tweeted URLs.
  164. Twitzap – Create channels of interest for viewing tweets, updated in real time.
  165. Twoak – URL shortener and cloaker.
  166. Twopular – Trends on Twitter aggregator.
  167. Twoquick – Search engine that searches Google and Twitter simultaneously, with results displayed side-by-side.
  168. Twuet – Twitter search engine with available widget.
  169. Twups – Twitter aggregator that pulls the most popular topics, arranged alphabetically.
  170. Twurl – URL shortener.
  171. Twuzzer – Search for tweets by location.
  172. UURL.in – URL shortener allowing you to choose the URL (with a mandatory prefix).
  173. Vlaag – Clickable tag cloud of most tweeted topics.
  174. What The Trend? – A Twitter trend tracker/analyzer that lets users explain the reason for trending topics.
  175. What’s Your Tweet Worth – Evaluate monetization potential of your tweets.
  176. WhosTalkin – Search engine for over 60 social networks including Twitter.
  177. Xlhit – Search Twitter in foreign languages, even if you don’t read them or write them.

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Find people: user directories, user analytics & user search engines

Trying to locate your long lost Aunt Sally? Perhaps you’re a genealogy buff looking to find family members. Maybe you want to know which celebrities are Tweeting. Check out the tools to help you find who you are looking for.

  1. Analyst Twitter Directory – Twitter directory of IT industry analysts.
  2. Backtweets – Search engine to monitor tweeted links; keep tabs on the links in an RSS feed.
  3. Bubble – Dating app that matches you with other Twitter users based on the content of your tweets.
  4. Celebrity Tweet – Twitterwall of tweeting celebrities, all in one place.
  5. Chirp City – City-based Twitter directory.
  6. Contwext – Evaluate who to follow with this search engine/analyzer for users.
  7. Crowdstatus – Create a Twitter crowd, then display your crowd members’ statuses simultaneously.
  8. DoesFollow – Quickly check if one user follows another.
  9. ExecTweets – Find and follow top business executives on Twitter.
  10. Faroo – P2P search engine employing Twitter data and updates.
  11. Fav.tweets – Creates a list of favorite/starred tweets.
  12. Favotter – Aggregator of most-favorited tweets.
  13. Favrd – Twitterwall of most favorited tweets.
  14. Featuredusers – Twitter app developers helping each other promote their apps.
  15. Flaptor – Twitter search engine.
  16. Flirt140 – Find dates among nearby Twitterers by gender, location and keyword.
  17. Followcost – Evaluate the annoyance factor of following certain users.
  18. FollowFriday – Every Friday, tweet a recommendation of users to follow. View recommendations here.
  19. Followlists – Easily create and share lists of your Twitter friends.
  20. Friend Wheel – Generate a colorful image showing the interconnections among your Twitter friends. Also available for Facebook.
  21. Friendbinder – Track your friends across Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Digg and more.
  22. FriendFeed Finder – Find out if those you follow are also on FriendFeed.
  23. Friendorfollow – Simple search engine to find who you’re following who’s not following you back.
  24. Geofollow – Location-based Twitter directory.
  25. GovTwit Directory – Twitter directory of U.S. government officials on Twitter.
  26. Hashtags.org – Tracks and ranks the most-used hashtags.
  27. HighSpot Inc. – A directory of book trade people on Twitter.
  28. HootSuite – Multi-faceted Twitter client for managing mulitple profiles, pre-schedule Tweets, add multiple logins for a single Twitter account, analyze data and more.
  29. Huitter/lovehate – Compare the frequency of two words in the public Twitter stream.
  30. Is Follow – Quickly find out who’s following who.
  31. It’s A Bot – Analyzes whether a particular user is a bot.
  32. It’s On – An international Twitter listing of events in cities around the world.
  33. Joule – Shows who’s started and stopped following you on Twitter over time.
  34. JustTweetIt – Twitter user directory grouped by areas of interest.
  35. Klout – Numerically evaluates a user’s influence according to “engagement, reach, velocity, demand, network strength and activity.”
  36. Legal Birds – Directory of legal professionals on Twitter.
  37. Less Friends – Find out whether the people you follow follow you back.
  38. LoadedWeb – Twitter directory for the English-speaking countries.
  39. LocalTweeps – Find local Tweeps by zip code.
  40. Microplaza – Display all the links tweeted by those you follow, together in one place.
  41. Modelfolios – Twitter connected online community for models.
  42. MusicFollowers – Find people with similar music taste to you.
  43. My First Tweet – Twitterwall attempting to show all the first tweets in the stream.
  44. MyTweet16 – Lists a user’s 16 earliest tweets.
  45. Navgle – Search engine for the web, Twitter, blogs, news sources, encyclopedias and more, sorted by source.
  46. OMGFriends! – Check for mutual friends among your tweeple.
  47. Openzap – Twitterwall plus voting on music, videos, live shows, how tos, and more.
  48. Overheard.it – Twitterwall of overheard remarks.
  49. PicFog – Image search of the most popular image sharing services for Twitter.
  50. Plusplusbot – A Twitterwall for giving props or jeers.
  51. Redir.ec – URL shortener offering multiple easy bookmarklets and plug-ins.
  52. Secrettweet – Anonymously tweet your secrets and view others’ secrets on a Twitterwall.
  53. Serendipitwitterous – Enter a Twitter username. Pulls keywords from tweets and offers search results, youtube results and more.
  54. Simpl.es – URL shortener.
  55. Snipurl – URL shortener with available bookmarklet, API, and multi-link shortening capability.
  56. StreetMavens – City-based Twitter search engine and directory.
  57. TennisTweets – Follow your favorite tennis players with this Twitterwall.
  58. Textgasm – Anonymously tweet your secrets and read a Twitterwall of others’s secrets.
  59. The Twitterhood – Directory of users by interest on Twitter.
  60. ThinkClimbing – A Twitterwall for climbers.
  61. ThreadedTweets – Turns every tweet into its own thread with real-time replies. No sign-up needed.
  62. TopFollowFriday – View stats for Follow Friday for your own username and for others.
  63. Topify – Get detailed information automatically about a new follower.
  64. TopTweeple – Give your favorite tweeple props.
  65. TopTweet – Twitterwall for interesting tweets.
  66. TrackingTwitter – A list of artists and brand Twitter users followed by the Electric Artists creative agency in New York.
  67. Tweefight – Calculate the comparative influence of two usernames in a game interface.
  68. Tweeple of India – Listing of Twitter users from India.
  69. Tweeple Pages – A directory of Twitter users according to their interests.
  70. TweepMe – Social network in which every member agrees to follow every other user on Twitter.
  71. Tweet Congress – Twitter directory for Congress men and women.
  72. Tweetizen – Create groups based on your Twitter interests. Digg-style Twitter reading.
  73. TweetKnots – Join and create Twitter communities.
  74. TweetLaw – Twitter connections for legal professionals.
  75. TweetMinster – A way to connect with the members of the UK Parliament using Twitter.
  76. TweetMyJobs – Connecting job seekers, hiring managers and recruiters.
  77. TweetOClock – Find out when followers are most likely to reply to DMs based on past patterns.
  78. TweetSource – Marketing tool to auto-find and follow users who use the keywords you’re interested in.
  79. Tweetstats – Visually represents your Twitter usage.
  80. Twellow – The Twitter yellow pages.
  81. Twi.Tter.Me – Site featuring paid Twitter user ads.
  82. Twindexx – Crowd-sourcing recommendations for tweeple to follow.
  83. Twinfluence – Stats on users’ reach, velocity and social capital.
  84. Twission – Twitter search that shows the degree of separation between you and the tweeple in the search.
  85. Twist – Searchable Twitter trends analytics.
  86. TwiST – Advanced highly-specific Twitter search engine.
  87. Twit Pro Quo – A service that expands your followers and following by 10 each time you use it.
  88. Twitalyzer – Calculate your Twitter influence through relative influence, retweeting, signal-to-noise ratio and other criteria.
  89. TwitCrush – Give and receive love for your tweeple.
  90. TwitGraph – Analyzes a Twitter user’s tweets by day of week, top 5 words, top 5 @’s and top 5 links.
  91. Twithire – Free tech job listing service.
  92. Twitnest – Creates a visual representation of the connections between your followers and following users.
  93. Twitoria – Finds friends who haven’t tweeted in a long time.
  94. TwitProfile – Easily view Twitter user profiles and statistics.
  95. TwitRank by Twittown – Sortable ranking of the top 150 Twitter users.
  96. Twitree.com – View your followers in a recursive tree.
  97. Twitreport – Get detailed info on a new follower automatically via email.
  98. TwitrGrid – Creates a grid mosaic of your tweeps for your profile or blog.
  99. Twits Like Me – Search for users who are likely to have something in common with you.
  100. Twittangle – Lots of followers? Sort through the mess by rating and tagging the friends.
  101. Twitter Analyzer – Get stats on a user’s tweets, chats, popularity, reach, subjects, hashtags, links, apps and more.
  102. Twitter Charts – Interesting graphical representation of the times and date of a user’s tweets.
  103. Twitter Columns – View your followers and friends and their followers and friends in a clean, colorful interface.
  104. Twitter Digest – Generate a digest of tweets from specific usernames to read as an Atom feed or a web page.
  105. Twitter Follow – Simple app to see if one user follows another.
  106. Twitter Follower – Easily get followers by following the people in the database.
  107. Twitter Free Search – Search for people across the web and social media.
  108. Twitter Friends Network Browser – Animated display linking your friends and your friends’ friends and so on.
  109. Twitter Poster – Graphical representation of the influence of Twitter users using their avatars.
  110. Twitter Top1000 – Compiling the top 1000 Twitter personalities.
  111. Twittercounter – Tracker of Twitter users’ usage statistics.
  112. TwitterDMer – Get lots of new followers? Respond to a new follow with a custom DM.
  113. TwitteRel – Find tweeple with similar interests with this keyword searching service.
  114. Twitterest – Creates Silverlight graphical representations of individual users’ Twitter stats.
  115. TwitterForBusyPeople – View your friends’ status updates organized by time of last update.
  116. TwitterFriends – Analytics tool for your friends and followers network.
  117. TwitterGrader – Evaluate how a Twitter user compares with others.
  118. TwitterGroups – Twitter group and business directory and rating system.
  119. Twitterholic – Calculates and posts top tweeple and their stats.
  120. TwitterKarma – Are your followers following you? Track them in a web-based Flash app.
  121. Twitterless – Filter followers, search through their posts, check the geographical locations and more.
  122. TwitterMap – Quickly locate a Twitter user on the map.
  123. TwitterPacks – Wiki-style Twitter directory.
  124. Twitterratio – Get the friends-to-followers ratio of your own account or others’ accounts.
  125. TwitterScore – Scores your Twitter popularity.
  126. TwitterSnooze – Temporarily unfollow friends who Tweet too often.
  127. TwittFriends – Twitter management client; select a friend and see their friends, find friends in common, view most favorited tweets and more.
  128. Twittra – Enter tags to identify yourself on this Twitter directory.
  129. TwitTruth – View a chart of the users who receive the most messages and your odds of receiving a reply from them.
  130. TwitYa – View Twitter users in directories celebs, press and executives.
  131. Twollo – Helps you find and friend tweeple with similar interests.
  132. Twollow – Keyword-based auto-find and follow system.
  133. TwtBiz – Find businesses, entrepeneurs and investors on Twitter.
  134. Twtrfrnd – Determine whether you share any interests with a new follower.
  135. Twubble – Searches your friend list for correllations and suggest new users for you to follow.
  136. UnTweeps – Shows you who among your tweeple hasn’t tweeted in the past 30, 60 or 90 days.
  137. Useqwitter – Alerts you when you lose a follower and lists the last tweet they read.
  138. WeFollow – Shows the most followed users among multiple categories.
  139. WhenDidYouJoinTwitter – Enter a username to find out when the user joined Twitter.
  140. Who Has More Followers? – Compare two users.
  141. Whoot.me – Uses TwitterCounter.com API to predict how many Twitter followers you’ll have in the future.
  142. WhoShouldIFollow? – Examines your profile and suggests people to follow.
  143. wpTweety – Twitterwall for WordPress tweets using #wordpress.

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Blog tools: widgets, badges & plug-ins

Does anybody remember blogging? That’s where you use full sentences and grammar to explain a topic of interest. Forgot how to complete a full sentence? Brush up on your writing using one of these blog tools.

  1. Apture – Widget for embedding your Twitterstream on the web with link previews, show multimedia content and more
  2. ChatCatcher – Catch relevant social media conversations and display them on your website with this script.
  3. Followmebutton – Free app for generating Followme button that uses the Twitter oAuth system.
  4. Free Twitter Buttons – Free Twitter buttons including animated GIFs.
  5. Free Twitter Graphics – Free Twitter buttons from Randa Clay design.
  6. ImageTwit – Auto display your latest tweet inside an image. Customizable.
  7. Lizzer – Quick and powerful blogging platform that ties into existing blog platform; makes it easy to add content from social networks and other sources.
  8. Microping.me – Pinging service for posting your latest blog posts to Twitter.
  9. Official Twitter widgets – Official Twitter widgets to display your feed on MySpace, Blogger, Facebook, TypePad and others.
  10. Posttwitt – Copy this code to make a tweet button on your personal site or blog.
  11. RSS to Twitter using PHP – Provides “micro-syndication” using PHP.
  12. RSS2Twitter – Publish any RSS feed directly to Twitter.
  13. Selective Twitter Status – Facebook app that lets you selectively sync your Twitter status with your Facebook status.
  14. Tracked Tweets – Customizable WordPress plug-in for automatically tweeting the URL of new WordPress entries.
  15. TweetlyUpdater – WordPress plug-in for updating Twitter with new blog entries.
  16. Tweetsig – Builds an image from your latest tweets.
  17. TweetSnap – Personalized badges, images and banners for your latest tweet.
  18. TweetSuite – WordPress plug-in for Twitter.
  19. Twictur.es – Convert an individual tweet into an image.
  20. Twignature – Twitter button generator that lets you include your own username.
  21. Twingly – Find and share the best of blogs.
  22. Twit2SMS – Design a badge to let visitors to your web page send you an SMS.
  23. TwitBlogs – Strike a balance between micro and macro-blogging.
  24. TwitIMG – Grab your latest tweet and username and display them in an image.
  25. Twitsig – Generates a code block for using your Twitter status as a signature in forums, etc.
  26. Twitter Counter – Widget showing which Twitter users recently visited your blog or website.
  27. Twitter My Site – Generate custom “follow me” badges for your site.
  28. Twitter Ribbons – Create clickable ribbon ads to get site visitors to follow you on Twitter.
  29. Twitter Salt – Creates HTML-based widget of your latest Tweets for use anywhere.
  30. Twitter Updater – Auto-tweets when you’ve updated your WordPress blog.
  31. Twitterchat – Creates Twitter/shoutbox integration for your site.
  32. TwitterDoodle – Create auto-mashup posts using relevant keywords on WordPress.
  33. Twitterfeed – Auto-tweet your blog entries.
  34. TwitThis – Add a Twit This button to your site.
  35. TwittWall – Simultaneously blog and Twitter.
  36. Twoxit – Widget for your site to allow visitors to tweet.
  37. UStandOut – Over 80 colorful “Follow Me” badges.
  38. Viral Tweet Generator – Tool for encouraging site readers to tweet about your site.
  39. Wishafriend Twitter badges – Themed Flash Twitter badges with greeting card-like looks.
  40. WordPress Twitter Sidebar – Created by Sarah Isaacson.
  41. Wordtwit – WordPress plug-in for Twitter that lets you automatically tweet a new post.
  42. Zemanta – Auto-integrate content from Twitter and many other sites into your blog.

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Aggregators & Twitterwalls

Why check 80 different user accounts when you can get all that Tweeting goodness in one spot. Just aggregate your info, and stop surfing aimlessly.

  1. BettingTwits – Twitter community for sports bettors to swap tips.
  2. Bird.im – Join the Twitter birdwatching community.
  3. Bkkeeper – Track your reading and bookmark on Twitter.
  4. Blippr – Books, music, games and movie reviews shared through multiple social networks.
  5. Co.mmentary – Aggregates comments on news sites across the web on sites such as The New York Times and Twitter.
  6. Foodfeed – What are you eating?
  7. FXTweets – Twitter community for foreign currency traders.
  8. GoodBad.me – Site that compares good and bad deeds from the Twitterverse.
  9. Google + Twitter – Web app that shows the top Google searches with links to related Twitter conversations.
  10. Govtweets – Political tweet aggregator.
  11. Green Acts – Project using the hash tag #gract to compile environmentally-friendly acts.
  12. Greenknob SWIG – Creates a listing of green tweets.
  13. GreenTweets – Tracks eco-conscious tweets using semantic language analysis.
  14. MarchTweetness – Twitter community for March Madness.
  15. Microblogbuzz – View most-shared links from Twitter, Jaiku and Identi.ca.
  16. NewsTrendz – Evaluates the most popular searches on Google, Yahoo and Twitter and presents a news feed on those subjects.
  17. ObamaTwits – Read all tweets about Barack Obama.
  18. OneRiot – Trending topic news feed service; get customized news searches.
  19. Twitlinks – Site tracking top tech tweets.
  20. Twitterfall – Customizable web display of all current tweets in a waterfall-style format.
  21. TwitterPark – Read all the Twitter-related news from Selfreferential.info, Delicious, Twitip.com, Digg and more.
  22. Twittl – Digg-like community for posting and rating news and entertainment-based tweets.
  23. Twizon – Twitter aggregator for Amazon-related tweets.
  24. Twurli – Follow twurli to get your links included in Twurli’s tweeted link aggregator.

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Hashtag tools & resources

If you already know the topic you are interested in, check out one of the Twitter directories organized by tags. Or follow along in the conversation to see what everybody is talking about.

  1. ConnectTweet – Use hash tags to combine Tweets from multiple users in an organization. Currently in alpha.
  2. Ftags – Offers an organized alternative to hashtags.
  3. HashDictionary – Hashtag wiki.
  4. Lazytweet – Add a variety of hashtags to your tweet to ask the public Twitter stream a question.
  5. Tagal.us – “The largest and first” dictionary for hashtags.
  6. Tagdef – Get hashtag definitions on the web or via Twitter.
  7. Twackit – Create your own hashtags for keywords and data to follow, then track that data using Twitter.
  8. TweetChannel – Create channels (discussions) with a custom hashtag, and view them.
  9. TweetChat – View only conversations marked with a hashtag of your choice.
  10. TweetRemote – Sorts incoming tweets according to hashtags for use in blogs.
  11. TwitR – Twitter directory organized by hashtag.
  12. TwittBee – Easily search and build a Twitterwall by hashtag.
  13. Twitter Teams – Create teams on Twitter and follow the team conversation using hashtags.
  14. Twuubs – Twubs are Twitter groups built around content aggregated from hashtags. Find them here.
  15. WhatTheHashTag – User-editable hash tag dictionary.

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Twitter profile appearance tools & resources

Not content with the default screen for your account? Looking to personalize your web page? You don’t need to be a programmer to get your page looking cool – check out the WYSIWYG editors. Add a video or a headshot to spice up your page, and let your followers know how you roll.

  1. BetterTweetShots – Headshot photo service for Twitter profile pictures.
  2. Bubbletweet – Add a video to your Twitter profile.
  3. CustomizeTwitter – Generate a custom Twitter background with a big set of templates.
  4. Doctor Twitter – Resource for Twitter themes.
  5. Flickr my background – Takes a photo from your Flickr stream and uses it as your profile background. Updates hourly.
  6. Free Tweets – A collection of free Twitter skins.
  7. Free Twitter Designer – Quickly generate a custom Twitter background. Donations to the project go to the Make-A-Wish foundation.
  8. MyTweetSpace – Create edgy custom user profile backgrounds.
  9. Pretty Tweet – WYSIWIG custom Twitter background creator.
  10. TwitArt – Fully customized Twitter backgrounds.
  11. Twitrounds – Dozens of hip Twitter backgrounds witbacks
  12. Twitbacks – Tool for creating your custom-branded Twitter background.
  13. Twitter Background Checker – Check the appearance of your Twitter background at different resolutions.
  14. Twitter Backgrounds Gallery – User-submitted Twitter background gallery. Claims to be the largest worldwide.
  15. Twitter Gallery – Custom skins for your Twitter home page.
  16. Twitter Image – Custom Twitter background gallery.
  17. Twitter Showcase – Creative and cute Twitter backgrounds.
  18. TwitterBackgrounds – Gallery of Twitter backgrounds.
  19. TwitteReader – Google Reader-style skin for Twitter.
  20. TwitterImage – Order a custom Twitter background.
  21. Twitterpatterns – Free Twitter backgrounds.
  22. Twixenate – Profile picture editor for Twitter.
  23. Wishafriend Custom Backgrounds – Generate custom Twitter skins.

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