Procurement Website

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Electronic procurement sites

European sites

Other international sites

International Organizations and Institutions
United Nations
World Bank
World Trade Organisation (WTO)

Countries – European Union
Czech Republic
The Netherlands

Countries – Non-EU

Rest of the World
Hong Kong
Saudi Arabia
The United States
Local US sites

Sites Providing Links


Sites Providing Events

Electronic procurement sites

MDB e-GP Electronic Government Procurement Portal
provides a single entry point to all the information developed and all the tools created under the e-GP Working Group

European sites

Centre for European Markets for Industry in Action (CEMIA)
European network for the management and diffusion of calls for tender for industrial subcontracting (in English, French and Spanish).

Dialogue with business: Public procurement in the European Union

EPIN(European Procurement Information Network)
EPIN is a business development tool which provides you with access to a database of contract notices from public bodies and utilities in Europe, USA and GATT countries. In addition, EPIN provides these subscribers with access to your company details via the EPIN Industrial Park.

European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU)
EPSU Task Force on Public Procurement

Provides legal information and advice on public procurement matters in countries of the European Union.

Europrofile TBG – The Bidder’s Guide and Regulated Entities Database
Information on public procurement as governed by the European Union’s directives; UK.

Procurement Forum
The Procurement Forum is open to commercial, governmental and not for profit organisations engaged in the acquisition of information and communications technologies (ICT) products and services; the goal of the Forum is to increase the value derived from IT/IS investment by user organisations through more effective Procurement.

SIMAP (Système d’Information sur les Marchés Publics)
SIMAP aims to support an effective Single Market by encouraging suppliers and contracting entities to adopt best practice and use electronic commerce and information technology to provide all the information needed to deliver value for money in public procurement. For suppliers this site gives background information about the procurement market and links to other sites with information about procurement opportunities across the European Union – and beyond. For the procurement professional this website presents background information on rules and procedures, discussion forums on how to improve your procurement skills and links to different sources on best practice. EC

TED (Tenders Electronic Daily)
Online version of the Supplement to the Official Journal, the fastest way to receive information on approximately 500 tenders daily.

TED Alert Service
The European Public Procurements Information Service.

Tender On Line
The invitations for tenders assistance web service – Le service web de traitement des appels d’offres: Tender On Line serves as the point of contact between Buyers and Suppliers with no involvement in negotiations; a single service handles all your invitations for tenders.

Other international sites

DoubleTrade is the first business to business website to provide access to private and public sector invitations to tender from European and international sources.

ICLEI’s European Eco-Procurement Initiative
The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is the international environmental agency for local governments. It provides information service on economically and environmentally responsible purchasing.

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) – Municipal Green Purchasers’ Network
The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is the international environmental agency for local governments. ICLEI, in its dual function as an environmental clearinghouse and a network of local authorities, has assumed the mandate to coordinate European green procurement initiatives at the local level.

Procurement Homepage International
This site, maintained by the Bonn-based specialised law firm Boesen, tries to assemble a world-wide list of links which potential tenderers and procurement officals may find useful.

Tender I.N.F.O.
Tender I.N.F.O. is an interactive opportunity network which has supplied Australian and New Zealand business with timely information on international tenders, expressions of interest and requests for information. Information is updated daily. Subscription service. Australia.

Tender Search
Providing Australia and the Asian Pacific region with the World’s Most Awarded Tender Notification Service. Australia.

Tenders on the Web
Tenders on the Web is a database of public sector contracts from the EU, USA, and Japan. Updated five days a week, it contains all documents published in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Communities. $400 billion worth of business opportunities … 130,000 procurement notices a year … 400 to 600 new documents a day.

WICTA (Web site for ICT Acquisition)
The WICTA Project (Web site for ICT Acquisition) aims in the development and maintenance of a Web Site that will provide information with respect to supporting of Procurement/Acquisition procedures related to ICT (Information Acquisition and Communication Technologies) Systems and Services.
International Organizations and Institutions
Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC)

APEC Government Procurement
Provides general information about efforts to liberalize government procurement by APEC’s 18 member economies, as well as specific information about the current government procurement policies, procedures, trade opportunities, and key people to contact in each of those economies. Alos gives hyperlinks to related websites, including those listing specific procurement opportunities offered by individual APEC members.

APEC Project Opportunities System
This pilot project provides access to major project opportunities open to international bidding. It is a one-stop procurement system, providing links to multiple data bases throughout the Pacific region which offer information on how to bid on, participate in, and finance major project opportunities.

United Nations

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)
The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) provides management support services to development projects funded by organizations and member states of the United Nations System.

United Nations Procurement Division (PD)
The PD is in charge of procurement for the United Nations Headquarters in New York, for the United Nations Peace Keeping Missions, for the regular programme activities of the Regional Economic Commissions and, from time to time, other organizations in the United Nations system, including disaster relief activities and other special assistance programmes.

United Nations Purchase and Transportation Section (PTS)
PTS carries out . All procurement at the United Nations Office at Geneva

United Nations Development Programme (UNPD), Inter-Agency Procurement Services Office (IAPSO)
IAPSO is charged with the task of providing advance information on grant-funded business opportunities emanating mainly from UNDP-assisted projects, but also projects funded by other United Nations organizations.

United Nations Commission on International Trade Law

World Bank

World Bank Project Information Document (PID)
The Project Information Document (PID) makes information available while a project is under preparation. It provides a brief summary of the evolving project and is subject to updating and expansion as project preparation proceeds. The PID is available for six months after the project is approved by the Bank.

World Bank: Procurement in Bank-Financed Projects
Information on procurement policy, business opportunities and bidding documents.

World Trade Oganization (WTO)

Government procurement: material available on the WTO website

Transparency: the Working Group on Transparency in Government Procurement Practices (WGTGP)
A multilateral working group set up to study transparency in government procurement practices and to develop elements for inclusion in a future agreement.

Services: the Working Party on GATS Rules (WPGR)
Established, among other purposes, for negotiations on government procurement of services as required under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS).

Plurilateral: Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)
An agreement signed by a limited number of WTO members.


Asian Development Bank Business Opportunities
Proposed Projects, Procurement Notices, and Contract Awards.

Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States (BISNIS) Trades and Tenders
The Commercial Service of the United States, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the World Bank, and other institutions regularly provide BISNIS with information on export opportunities and tenders in the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union (NIS). BISNIS disseminates these leads via a bi-weekly electronic report known as “Trade and Tenders”. The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States (BISNIS) is the U.S. Government’s one-stop shop for doing business in Russia and the other states of the former Soviet Union.

Central & Eastern Europe Business Information Center (CEEBIC)
CEEBIC offers a variety of services to the U.S. business community to facilitate trade and investment between the United States and Central and Eastern Europe, including information on public purchasing. [Global Export Market Information System (GEMS), US Department of Commerce].

European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Procurement Opportunities
Provides general, regional and country specific information on EBRD procurement opportunities.

European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Procurement Opportunities Issues
Latest issues of “Procurement Opportunities”. Publishes the EBRD project pipeline, listing all Bank-financed public sector projects including their status and associated procurement notices, and technical cooperation projects. An up-to-date record of EBRD project activities and a means of monitoring contract awards.

European Government Contract Consultants (EGCC )
EGCC is a consulting and information service provider for European government contract tenders, formed to help North American businesses bid on and win European government procurement contracts. US.

European Investment Bank (EIB): Guide to tendering for contracts
The “Guide to tendering for contracts” for projects financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) is designed to provide promoters, and their suppliers, with information on the procedures attaching to EIB financing with regard to tendering and briefing of potential bidders as well as compliance with Community legislation.

I’m Europe (Information Market): Call for Proposals and Tenders
Call for proposals and tenders from DG XII.

Inter-American Development Bank
Provides information on procurement procedures, notices and contract awards.

International Public Procurement Association (IPPA)
Sponsored by Government Procurement Management Division, Ministry of Finance, Malaysia.

ITC’s programme on International Purchasing and Supply Management (IPSM)
International Trade Centre (ITC), UNCTAD/WTO
Regions – European Union

Außenwirtschaft, Wirtshaftskammer Österreich, Der Ausschreibungsmarkt


Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Charleroi: Avis d’appels d’offres des marchés publics de Belgique et des régions limitrophes
La Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Charleroi publie sur son site le résumé d’une sélection des avis d’appels d’offres des marchés publics de Belgique et de ses régions limitrophes ainsi que de certaines institutions européennes.

European & Belgian Public Procurement



Dagbladet Licitationen
Dagbladet Licitationen giver en seriøs og bred journalistisk orientering om bygge- og anlægsbranchen med fokus på de politiske, økonomiske og tekniske aspekter.

Danish Competition Authority
Information concerning the enforcement of the EU rules on public procurement in Denmark, including summaries of decisions by the Complaints Board for Public Procurement 1992 – July 1998

Public Procurement Office


Tarjouspyyntöjen ja liikemahdollisuuksien tietopankki (TATI)
English version: The Database of Calls for Tenders and Business Opportunities (TATI)

Virallinen lethi Officialla tidningen


Assistance Marchés Publics (AMP)
L’objectif d’AMP est d’assister et d’accompagner collectivités et entreprises dans leur démarche “Marchés Publics”, afin de l’optimiser en assurant sa qualité.

Association des Acheteurs des Collectivités Territoriales (AACT)
L’A.A.C.T a pour but de favoriser les échanges et réflexion entre acheteurs des Collectivités Territoriales, c’est-à-dire Communes, Départements, Régions et Etablissements publics territoriaux, d’échanger des expériences concourrant à l’amélioration des missions des acheteurs, de participer au processus de formation au métier d’acheteur en partenariat avec le C.N.F.P.T, d’apporter des conseils et d’organiser les échanges professionnels entre acheteurs de collectivités.

Association des Juristes Spécialisés en Contrats Publics (AJSCP)
Ce site a pour vocation de présenter aux étudiants intéressés le DESS Droit des Contrats Publics (dossier de pré-inscription et plaquette de présentation téléchargeables …) et de proposer aux professionnels une documentation spécifique aux contrats publics.

AJSCP: Jurisprudence

AJSCP: Legislation et documents

La Base des marchés publics
La Base des marchés publics contient des textes de jurisprudence issus des cours administratives d’appel et du Conseil d’Etat, le code des marchés publics, les CCAG, les CCC, les CCTG, le guide MOP, ainsi que plus de 350 textes de lois, arrêtés, circulaires, décrets, textes communautaires mais aussi une bibliothèque, les annonces de manifestations, des dossiers d’actualité et des imprimés types.

Bulletin Officiel des Annonces des Marchés Publics (BOAMP)
Avis d’appel public à la concurrence de l’Etat, des collectivités locales et des établissements publics.

Code des marchés publics (CMP)

Commission Centrale des Marchés (CCM)
Ministrère des Finances, de l’Economie et de l’Industrie.

DoubleTrade – France
DoubleTrade propose aux entreprises du monde entier le premier service B to B permettant d’accéder aux appels d’offres privés ou publics des marchés européens et internationaux dans 90 secteurs d’activité.

EU-Supply EU-Supply is an Internet-enabled procurement technology & service provider, serving the construction industry on a pan European basis, through its direct operations in Sweden, France and the UK.

Finances publiques, marches publics, décentralisation – Les bases de connaissance

Jurifrance – le droit français en ligne: législation, jurisprudence, parlement.

La Base des marchés publics
La Base des marchés publics contient des textes de jurisprudence (CAA et CE), La Réglementation (CMP, CCAG, CCC, CCTG, guide MOP..), Les Textes Officiels (lois, arrêtés, circulaires, décrets, textes communautaires…), une bibliothèque, des dossiers, des imprimés types et des Questions-Réponses de l’Assemblée Nationale et du Sénat.

La Lettre Informatique et collectivités locales: Marchés publics

La Voix du Nord: Marchés publics
Appels d’offres parus dans La Voix du Nord

Public Procurement Contracts Code (English Version)
Nuevo Código de Contratos Públicos (Version Espanol)

Le Moniteur expert
LeMoniteur-expert, le portail des professionnels de la construction, permet d’accéder à de nombreux services pour la construction.

Les Affiches de Grenoble et du Dauphiné: Appels d’offres et marchés publics en Rhône-Alpes
Les appels d’offres et marchés publics pour les départements de la région Rhône-Alpes; service par abonnement proposé par le journal d’annonces légales “Les Affiches de Grenoble et du Dauphiné”.

Les Marchés

Marchés Publics France

Call for tenders in the building sector. Les appels d’offres de la construction. (Le Moniteur)

Ministrère de la Défense – Place de Marché

Ministrère des Finances, de l’Economie et de l’Industrie: Marchés Publics
Information sur les marchés publics en France.

Mission interministérielle d’enquête sur les marchés et les conventions de délégation de service public (MIEM)
La fonction de la MIEM est de vérifier les conditions de régularité et d’impartialité dans lesquelles sont préparés, passés ou exécutés les marchés et les conventions de délégation de service public de l’Etat, des collectivités territoriales, des établissements publics, des sociétés d’économie mixte d’intérêt national chargées d’une mission de service public et des sociétés d’économie mixte locales .

OPAL met en contact acheteurs et fournisseurs grâce à un système d’appel d’offres.
Service exclusif de recherche de prestataires de services et de diffusion d’appels d’offres liés aux activités internet, intranet, réseaux, multimédia et informatique.

Revue Marchés Publics
Sommaires de la Revue Marchés Publics, Direction des Affaires Juridiques, Ministère de l’Économie, des Finances et de l’Industrie.

Servomap: Office Serveur des Marchés Publics et Privés
Servomap assure la veille commerciale concurrentielle et la diffusion sélective électronique des marchés publics et privés.

Télégrammes marchés publics
Télégrammes marchés publics de la Commission Centrale des Marchés (CCM),Direction des Affaires Juridiques, Ministère de l’Économie, des Finances et de l’Industrie.

TPBM Semaine Provence Travaux Publics Et Batiment Du Midi – Provence – Alpes – Cote D’azur: Appels d’offres
Le premier hebdomadaire d’appels d’offres de la région PACA.

Trade-Match facilite la gestion des appels d’offres : diffusion, consultation de l’appel d’offres, recherche, sélection et mise en concurrence des fournisseurs, analyse des offres fournisseurs.

Avec DIRECT ACHAT, formulez votre demande et vous recevrez par email les propositions des fournisseurs.

Borne d’information pour particulier, société, association, professionnel, collectivité local et territorial, développée pour les personnes et sociétés qui ont plusieurs demandes de vente, d’achat, de devis, de sous-traitance, et de services à formuler, et qui publie les appels d’offres du bâtiment.


Bauwirtschaftliche Informationen (BI) Online
Der Onlinedienst für die Bauwirtschaft basierend auf der Datenbank der bi bauwirtschaftliche informationen.

Das offizielle Fachorgan für Ausschreibungen der öffentlichen Auftraggeber. ist vollständig Business-to-Business orientiert; Ziel unserer Web-Site ist es, Firmen ein intelligentes Werkzeug zur Ermittlung von E-Business an die Hand zu geben.

Procurement Information Online (PIO)
This site, maintained by the Bonn-based specialised law firm Boesen, tries to assemble a list of links which potential tenderers on the German procurement market may find useful.

Medien Pool
Medien Pool ist der Online-Dienst rund um das Online – Ausschreibenvon Lieferungen und Leistungen. Unsere Dienste benötigen Bau- und Handwerksunternehmen, produzierende Unternehmen, vertriebsorientierte Unternehmen, Architektur-, Planungs- und Ingenieurbüros, öffentlich und beschränkt ausschreibende Einrichtungen, Unternehmen im Bereich der allg. Dienstleistungen

Subreport online
Das Produkt aus dem Hause subreport bietet Ihnen – täglich aktualisiert – mehr als 500 potentielle Aufträge aus über 125.000 Ausschreibungen pro Jahr!


Public Procurement Monitoring Unit (PPMU)
The Public Procurement Monitoring Unit (P.P.M.U.) is the Greek authority that monitors the implementation of the European public procurement rules by the Greek procuring authorities.



LKPP – Lembaga Kebijakan Pengadaan Barang/Jasa Pemerintah

Tender Indonesia


Tender Tiger


Government Supplies Agency, OPW
Provides a central procurement function for Government for certain supplies and services to the value of approx. £35m. per annum.

Irish Government Public Sector Procurement Opportunities Portal.
Provides electronic access to all Irish public sector procurement opportunities advertised in the OJEC and the national and local press.

Enterprise Ireland

Office of Public Work (OPW)
Provides the Government and the public sector with services in the areas of property, construction and procurement.


Assessorato dei Lavori Pubblici
Opere pubbliche, Edilizia, Edilizia residenziale, Viabilità, Acque pubbliche e opere idrauliche; Regione Autonoma della Sardegna
Il sito è totalmente dedicato alle aziende; il suo scopo è di fornire loro uno strumento intelligente per il reperimento di opportunità commerciali su Internet.

Gare di progettazione

Guri – La Gazzetta Ufficiale

Informatel – Bandi di Gara e Appalti Pubblici
Appalti Lavori Pubblici – Aggiudicazioni Lavori Pubblici per Ente Appaltante – Aggiu- dicazioni Lavori Pubblici per Categorie, Territorio e Importo – Appalti Forniture di Beni e Servizi – Aggiudicazioni Forniture di Beni e Servizi per Ente Appaltante

L’Osservatorio dei lavori pubblici
L’Osservatorio dei lavori pubblici, istituito nell’ambito della Scuola Superiore della Pubblica Amministrazione (S.S.P.A.), si pone il compito di seguire l’evoluzione normativa del settore, intervenendo sia nell’ambito applicativo che della formazione del personale e costituendo un punto di riferimento sia per la variegata realtà della P.A. che per l’imprenditoria pubblica e privata. E`stato predispoto un apposito sito su Internet, quale utile momento di raccolta dati, materiali e opinioni attinenti alla normativa sui LL.PP. e sulla sua applicazione.


Public Procurement, Ministry of Finance

Sistem  procurement menggunakan Drupal

The Netherlands

European & Belgian Public Procurement

Berenschot EuroManagement, Public procurement consulting
Berenschot EuroManagement advises public clients, amongst which municipalities, about the manner in which the European public procurement procedures should be followed. NL.

EG-adviescentrum Zuid-Nederland
English page:
Contact EG-adviescentrum Zuid-Nederland for market research, “Alert service” for new public procurement tenders that are of interest, and assistance on gathering infomation, preparing bids or solving problems. NL.

Institute for Purchasing and Supply Development at the Eindhoven University of Technology
Provides information on numerous topics related to purchasing and supply (chain) management.

Procure-IT Strategic Contracting Consultants
Procure-IT Strategic Contracting Consultants offers corporate contract management consultancy for the strategic and tactical set-up of and improvement of contacts and contracts

University of Twente Institute for Purchasing Studies (UTIPS)
Information about the research group, the education provided and the research conducted, with a list of publications and a list of useful links.


The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority Pakistan

The Sindh Public Procurement Regulatory Authority


Office of Public Procurement
In Polish only.


Associao de Empresas de Construo e Obras Pblicas (AECOPS)
Association for Construction and Public work; includes calls for tender in the construction area.

Diáro da República
Diáro da República, III Série: Concursos Públicos.
O site tem uma orientação 100% business-to-business. O objetivo de nosso site da Web é fornecer às empresas uma ferramenta inteligente de detecção de negócios via Internet.

ICEP – Portugal
Oportunidades de Negócio, Concursos Internacionais


Slovakian Public Procurement
Also in English.


Procurement in SloveniaUradni List – Republike Slovenije – Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia
in english
Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia (Uradni list Republike Slovenije) is the official publication where state laws, acts and other regulations are published, as well as regulations, public tenders, public advertisements, court and other registers incorporations, public cancelations and other announcements stated by the law.


Boletíh3n Oficial de Canarias (BOC)

Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE)

Catàleg de béns homologats i de compra centralitzadpa
Database for e-purchasing for public administration in Spain (Generalitat de Catalunya).

Concursos y Licitaciones
Servicio Personalizado de todos los Concursos y Licitaciones actualizadas p>DGPYME: Concursos Públicos
Base de Datos mantenida por la Dirección General de Política de la Pyme: Concursos y Subastas Públicas

DGPYME: Servicio de Difusión Selectiva Base de Datos Oferta de Contratación Pública
La Dirección General de Política de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa (DGPYME), incorpora diariamente a su Base de Datos de Contratación Pública, todos los anuncios de concursos y subastas que convocan las Administraciones Central, Autónomica y Local, en sus diferentes Boletines: Boletín Oficial del Estado, Boletines de las Comunidades Autónomas (17), Boletines Provinciales (46), Boletín Oficial del Ministerio de Defensa. está orientada al 100% a business-to-business; el propósito de sitio Web es ofrecer a las empresas una herramienta inteligente de detección de e-business.

Instituto Español de Fomento Industrial (IEFI): Información Instantanea de Concursos Públicos”>
Servicio de Información Instantánea de Concursos Públicos


Aktuell Produkt Information (API) Online
Provides links to business partners through BRE, TED, public tenders from EU/EFTA/GATT, and other majors services, documents and databases.

Anbuds Journalen
The database entitled contains all the procurements presented in EU’s database TED (Tenders Electronic Daily), i.e. the procurements of all EU countries worth more than the current threshold values. ajour also publishes Swedish procurements which are worth less than the threshold values.

Committee for Ecologically Sustainable Procurement
Promotes ecologically sustainable public procurement in central and local government administrations and county councils in Sweden, analyses and monitors the rules in national legislation and international agreements.

EBL – European Business Link
Euro Business Link (EBL) supplies all procurements over threshold values (Source: TED), and procurement information under threshold values reported in by municipalities, county councils and private companies. EBL also monitors ads in the Swedish press.

Electronic Euromarket
Supplies all procurements from TED. The system automatically monitors any areas of indicated interest and informs by e-mail if a suitable procurement is underway. Electronic Euromarket also sends requests from a large number of private companies throughout Europe.

Foretagsfakta Online
Public/private procurements from the entire EU and also from EFTA and WTO countries plus Eastern Europe. Only in Swedish.

Matches up buyers and suppliers within the construction sector.

This Swedish Procurement site aims to teach Swedish small and medium sized companies more about the mechanisms behind public procurement and how to better take part in this large, Union-wide market.

National Board for Public Procurement (NOU)
NOU is a central government agency. It consists of a secretariat and a board. The secretariat is responsible for day to day operations and for contacts with contracting entities, other organisations and individuals.

This company is Gothenburg City’s cooperating partner for procurement matters. For the moment only in Swedish.

SEMA Group InfoData
Sema offers a wide range of connections to databases in Sweden and other countries. One of them is TED (Tenders Electronic Daily). Sema provides automatic surveillance with daily email delivery as well as online connection to the database. All ads since 1995 are available online. For the moment only in Swedish

Svenska Handelshuset AB
Svenska Handelshuset AB monitors public procurement on the Swedish and European markets. Based on customer requirements, information is sorted according to both business sector and geographical area. Information sent by letter or e-mail. For the moment only in Swedish

Swedish Alliance for Electronic Commerce (GEA)
Gemenskapen för Elektroniska Affärer

Swedish Organisation of Purchasers (SOI)
The Swedish Organisation of purchasers (Sveriges Offentliga Inköpare) in public sector is a non-profit-making association of public sector decision-makers. The Association’s objective is to improve conditions for public procurement.

The Swedish Trade Council
The Swedish Trade Council’s Procurement newsletter consists of two parts:
International projects and tenders financed by, for example, EU’s development assistance program, UN and the regional development banks.
EU’s database TED. All EU public procurements plus part of the EU development assistance program.

All instructions, search tools etc. are in the swedish language. Swedish speaking potential users are welcome to register for user-id and password regardless of domiciliation. Upphandlingsnytt is updated daily with information on new projects financed by IFI’s and tender invitations related to such projects plus free acces to Tenders Electronic Daily. Individual e-mail monitoring profiles are avaiable to members of the Swedish Trade Council.

VVS Slussen
Procurements within the infrastructure construction business.
For the moment only in Swedish.

British Telecom Procurement
BT’s procurement spend is around £4.5 billion per year and the company has gradually been building environmental considerations into its procurement processes.

Business Information Publications Ltd (BIP)
Provides public sector procurement information and offers contract information publications and services.

Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA)
Establishes Framework Contracts with suitable suppliers to provide a wide range of IT consultancy and specialist services to public sector organisations on a “call-off” basis.

Centre for Management and Policy Studies (CMPS)
The Centre for Management and Policy Studies (CMPS) seeks to capture and absorb research evidence and management practice in order to create a better civil service, based on sound evidence, coherent thought and a customer focus.

Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS)
The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) is an international organisation, based in the UK, serving the purchasing and supply profession and dedicated to promoting best practice.

DataOp Alliance
DataOp Alliance electronically presents market intelligence direct from authoritative information sources including: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, World Bank and other multilateral funding agencies, Department for International Development, and consulting firms operating worldwide. DataOp Alliance publish over 200,000 notices each year on disk with easy- to-use retrieval software.

DoubleTrade – UK
Management of public and private calls for tender.

Green Procurement in Government
Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, Energy, Environment and Waste Directorate.

Her Majesty’s Stationary Office (HMSO)

Office of Government Commerce (OGC)
This site is designed to help business to find a way in to Government Procurement. The OGC provides a central resource of procurement skills for departments in the UK and will set the strategic framework within which departments operate.

Public Procurement Research Group (PPRG)
School of Law, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, University of Nottingham.

Tenders Direct
Provides searchable access to thousands of tender documents issued by organisations throughout Europe, plus procurement news, and relevant legislation. Users can research specific
markets, geographical or sectoral, by searching for current and historic tenders issued by a particular organisation or for particular commodities or services.

The Buying Agency (TBA)
An Executive Agency of the Cabinet Office dedicated to ensuring that public sector customers enjoy the benefits of consistent, high quality procurement services that meet their true needs.

UNISON web site for the Private Finance Initiative and Public Private Partnership
UNISON – Public Service Trade Union
Regions – Non-EU


How to do Business with the Norwegian Armed Forces
A guide to the Norwegian Armed Force procurement agencies, agreements, regulations.

Official Documentation and Information from Norway (ODIN)
Information on public procurement rules in Norway and European.

Norsk lysingsblad – the Norwegian Official Journal
Offentlige innkjøp: Det offentlige innkjøpsbilaget, Nyhetsavis om offentlige innkjøp, Ukens norske kunngjøringer i Norsk lysingsblad og i TED, Doffin (database for offentlige innkjøp), Regelverk – CPV-koder, Informasjon fra Nærings-og handelsdep, Hvordan kunngjøre (skjemaer,oversettertjenesten, tidsfrister, videresending til TED), Nyttige lenker. in english
Notices and information about public procurement.


Association Suisse pour l’Approvisionnement et l’Achat (ASAA)
Schweizerischer Verband für Materialwirtschaft und Einkauf (SVME)
Associazione Svizzera per l’Approvvigiona-mento e l’Acquisto (ASAA)
Swiss Procurement Forum
L’ASAA est l’unique organisation professionelle de la fonction approvisionnement et achat; elle rassemble 1100 sociétés suisses (membres corporatifs) et plus de 120 membres individuels.

Schweizer Marktplatz Online


Public Procurement Authority

Rest of the World


Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Multilateral Procurement Unit
General information.

Transigo is used by governments to advertise business opportunities, communicate with suppliers, and provide information on how to do business with all levels of government.

Western Australian government


Appels d’offres et avis publics du Québec: Journal Le Devoir
Regroupement des appels d’offres et des avis publics publiés dans le quotidien Le Devoir (service gratuit, sans inscription ni abonnement).

Système de renseignements sur les appels d’offres; service de distribution de documents d’appels d’offres pour les gouvernements de Terre-Neuve et du Labrador, de la Nouvelle-Écosse, du Nouveau-Brunswick, Sable Offshore Energy Inc. et de nombreux autres organismes du Canada Atlantique.

British Columbia Tender Information
Updated daily. Information provided by the Ministry of Transportation and Highways. Tender calls, bid results and awards displayed by region. Search capability.

Conseil duTrésor, Québec: Marchés publics
Source d’information sur les marchés publics au Québec, au Canada, au niveau international, ainsi que les partenariats d’affaires public-privé.

Construction Opportunities On-Line Network (COOLNet)
A platform that allows for the distribution of construction plans and specifications.

Electronic Tender Network (ETN), BidNavigator
Publishes procurement opportunities and enhances the tendering process by means of electronic management through the Internet. Every day, close to 200 public sector agencies post lucrative tenders on the BidNavigator Web site.

Environment Canada, Greening Government, Green Procurement

MERX: Canada’s Electronic Tendering Service
MERX is an Internet-based, national electronic tendering service designed to increase competition and provide a level playing field for businesses competing for procurement opportunities within the public sector. MERX is committed to helping business gain entry to more government markets – federal, provincial and territorial as well as municipalities, academic institutions, school boards and hospitals – using the latest leading-edge technology.

Nova Scotia Canada:Tender Opportunities and User Resources

Ontario Public Buyers Association (OPBA)
Electronic Tendering and Information System.

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)
PWGSC provides programs and services that support the departments and agencies of the Government of Canada in serving the Canadian public; it is the federal government’s principal purchasing agent and contract authority.

Purchasing Commission of the Government of British Columbia
Provides purchasing services to BC Government Ministries and Public Sector Organizations, which include acquiring goods and services, furnishing purchasing advice to public institutions, and creating purchasing policy and procedures for the BC Government.


China Tenders Online
Provides on-line information of all intermational tenders in China, which are issued to the public for international participants.

Hong Kong – Hong Kong was the first B to B site to commercialise services around the dynamic publishing of public and private sector invitations to tender. With our Push Media, you can receive the calls for tender relevant to your business by e-mail every day.

Finance Bureau: Information on Government Tenders
Information on tender notices and award of tenders.

Government Supplies Department (GSD)
The central purchasing, storage and supplies organization for The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, serving over 80 Government departments and agencies, and many non-government organizations including the Hospital Authority.

Hong Kong Government Works Branch: Tender Notice Information
Procurement & tender notices of various Hong Kong Government Departments.

Urban Services Department
Provisional Urban Council Tender Notice


Industrial Cooperation Authority


Japanese Government Procurement Database
Service provided by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), a nonprofit, Japanese government related organization.


Ministry of Finance
General Supplies Department

Kuwait Business
Provides information on Kuwait tenders.


Central Inspection

Council for Development and Reconstruction

Industrial Research Institute (IRI)

Ministry of Industry


Tender Direct


Sistema Electronico de Contrataciones Gubernamentales

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Business
Provides information on bidding for government contracts.

Scottish Government


International Procurement Management Association of Singapore (IPMAS)
Provides information on request-for-quote and call-for-tender.

Tunisie Appels d’offres
Le net-centre des affaires pour la Tunisie.

The United States

Acquisition Reform Network (ARNet)
The Acquisition Reform Network is an enterprise created to foster and propagate measurable breakthrough improvements in the way that government obtains goods and services.

ASP OutsourcingCenter
BidCast offers powerful searching of US bid opportunities via the Internet, plus the information and expert advice to pursue those opportunities.

Classified On Net
A classified listing for governments, schools, medical facilities, non-profits, and the businesses serving them (surplus & used items, bid notices, auctions, services available and/or needed).

Commerce Business Daily (CBD)
Lists notices of proposed government procurement actions, contract awards, sales of government property, and other procurement information. A new edition of the CBD is issued every business day. Each edition contains approximately 500-1,000 notices. Each notice appears in the CBD only once. Note: Enter “guest” as the username and password.

Construction Market Data (CMD)
CMD supplies market data in the form of productive leads, project reports, contact lists, market penetration analysis and sales evaluation reports. Any of these products can pinpoint a county; look at a state; cover the country; and even include Canada and Mexico. Data delivery can be on paper, diskette, e-mail, web-site access, or Online via the Internet.

Department of Defence, Joint Electronic Commerce Program Office (JECPO)
The purpose of this web site is to help accelerate the application of electronic business practices and associated information technologies to improve DOD acquisition processes (through Electronic Commerce) and supporting sustainment life-cycle practices.

Department of State, Office of the Procurement Executive (OPE)
Acquisition Web Site & Electronic Toolkit, provides Department of State and industry customers easy access to contracting opportunities, acquisition guidance, and reporting.

Federal Electronic Commerce Programme Office
The Federal Electronic Commerce Program, coordinates, monitors, and reports on the development of Electronic Commerce within the US Federal Government.

Federal Marketplace, Procurement Data Warehouse
The Internet’s procurement resource gateway, commited to providing quality assistance to companies in marketing and selling products and services to the federal government; US.

Federal Supply Service (FSS), GSA
The GSA Federal Supply Service provides billions worth of goods and services to U.S. Government entities throughout the world.

General Services Administration (GSA)
Provides expertly managed space, supplies, services, and solutions, at the best value, to enable Federal employees to accomplish their missions.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Office of Procurement

NASA Procurement Library
Procurement information.

National Association of Purchasing Management
The association exists to educate, develop, and advance the purchasing and supply management profession.

Outsourcing Institute (OI)
The Outsourcing Institute (OI), a professional association, B2B marketplace and executive advisory network, a source of comprehensive, independent information and education, on outsourcing best practices and related sourcing strategies, provides practical guidance and recommendations through all stages of the outsourcing cycle.

Outsourcing Exchange Center
The Outsourcing Exchange Center provides everything needed for success through outsourcing.
Outsourcing Center is dedicated to providing you with strategic outsourcing information.

The Purchasing Station
Department of Management, Oklahoma State University, US.

RAPID System
Rapid is a suscription system that allows companies to review potential contracts from over 30 governments organizations from across the US.

U.S. Small Business Administration, Procurement Marketing and Access Network (Pro-Net)
Pro-Net is an electronic gateway of procurement information — for and about small businesses. It is a search engine for contracting officers, a marketing tool for small firms and a “link” to procurement opportunities and important information.

Where in Federal Contracting?
Provides information on and links to Federal procurement.

Local US sites

Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) Contracts Exchange
San Francisco area city and county bids.

City of Charlottesville, VA Purchasing Division
Purchasing Home Page.

Collier County Florida, Purchasing Department

Naples, Florida area.

Fairfax County, Virginia, Purchasing and Supply Management Agency
Provides information relating to the availability of procurement opportunities currently being advertised by the Purchasing and Supply Management Agency.

Florida Association of Public Purchasing Officers (FAPPO)
An organization that promotes the professional approach to the execution of the purchasing function in all public entities (City & County Governments, County School Boards, Special Taxing Districts and Authorities as well as the State Government).

Fulton County, Georgia Bid Board
Online bid board posting.

Harford County, Maryland: Procurement
Procurement bid board posting.

City and County of Honolulu, Hawai, Division of Purchasing
Division of Purchasing.

City of Houston, Texas, Procurement Services Division – Central Purchasing
Formal bids and requests for proposals advertisements.

Martin County Stuart, Florida, Purchasing Division
Bid and contract opportunities.

Montgomery County, Maryland, Procurements
RAPID automated bid notification.

Multnomah County, Oregon, Purchasing Section

Portland area.

Pierce County Vendor Opportunities
Invitiations to bid and requests for proposals, Tacoma, Washington area.

Riverside County,California,Purchasing and Material Services
Provides timely and cost effective procurement and material services in support of all County operations.

Sites Providing Links

Links to official tenders from international institutions, Australia, Canada, China, EU, Japan, Kuwait, Latin America, New Zealand, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and the United States. US.

Organizations in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
Provided by the Institute for Purchasing and Supply Development at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Purchasing Australia’s World Wide Government Procurement Sites
Covers Asia, Europe, North America and Australia.

Europrofile TBG
Sites for Public Purchasing and EU/EC Programmes

SIMAP Procurement Databases, Europe (EU)

SIMAP Procurement Databases, Europe (Non-EU)

SIMAP Procurement Databases, America

SIMAP Procurement Databases, Asia and Australia

SIMAP Procurement Databases, Africa

Federal Acquisition Jumpstation, US
Procurement and Acquisition Servers by Contracting Activity.

Texas Market: Procurement Opportunities
Links to Texas and other global procurement opportunities, US. Online Contracts
Lists sites of interest to US government agencies that purchase (IT) goods; US. Procurement Offices
Links to US procurement sites.

Explorer Software’s Heavy Construction Server
Links to international procurement sites, on-line tenders, Canada.

Ontario Public Buyers Association (OPBA)
Links to procurement information in Ontario, Canada and the US.

The Procurement Lawyer: Procurement Information
Cyrus E. Phillips, IV, Attorney at Law, US.

State, Provincial & Pacific Rim , Purchasing / Contracting Offices
US: States, Canada: Provinces, and Pacific Rim and Basin purchasing and contracting offices.

State and Local Government on the Net, US

State and Local Procurement Jumpstation, US
Source for state and local procurement opportunities in the US.

Acquisition Reform Network (ARNet), Federal Acquisition and Procurement Opportunities
Provides Federal Acquisition and Procurement Opportunities
(Also Business, Contracting and Other Acquisition Activities) on the Internet
(Listed BY Executive Branch and Independent Federal Agency). US.

Purchasing Commission of the Government of British Columbia, Canada
Selling to governments in Canada and worldwide.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council Government Procurement Sites

Business Information Publications (BIP): Worldwide procurement links


The European Public Telecommunications Network Operators Association (ETNO) is the principal Trade Association of 38 European telecommunications network operators.
HM Treasury, Central Unit Procurement (CUP)
Procurement guidance, UK.

OECD Issues Paper: Sustainable Product Policies and Life Cycle Management, Greener Public Purchasing
Green Goods IV, OECD International Conference on Greener Public Purchasing, 24th-26th February 1997, Biel, Switzerland.

PUMA, OECD: Best Practice Guidelines for Contracting Out Government Services
The Public Management Service (PUMA), OECD.

SIGMA Policy Brief No. 3: Public Procurement
Support for Improvement in Government Management in Central and Eastern European Countries (SIGMA), OECD.

Markus Rodlauer: Managing The Public Purse, An IMF View on Government Purchasing, A Good Procurement Law is Good for the Economy
Public Management Forum,

A Basic Guidance To Understanding The UK Government’s Internal Phurchasing Procedure
Business Information Publications Ltd (BIP), UK.

Re-Invigorating PFI: Changes Following Review
Business Information Publications Ltd (BIP), UK.

Best Value: Framework of Changes
Business Information Publications Ltd (BIP), UK.

The Environment and Procurement
Business Information Publications Ltd (BIP), UK.

The “GPA” (Government Procurement Agreement), The International Agreement On Public Procurement
Business Information Publications Ltd (BIP), UK.

The Problem of Ensuring Compliance With The Procurement Directives
Business Information Publications Ltd (BIP), UK.

How to Sell to New Public Sector Clients
Business Information Publications Ltd (BIP), UK.

ARNET: Acquisition Best Practices (a)
Lists Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) Best Practices Documents and Federal Agency Best Practices Documents, Acquisition Reform Network (ARNet), US.

ARNET: Acquisition Best Practices (b)
Lists best-practice documents from US depatments and agencies, Acquisition Reform Network (ARNet), US.

Best Practices For Multiple Award Task And Delivery Order Contracting
Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP), Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Executive Office of the President, Interim Edition, July 1997, US.

A Guide To Best Practices For Performance-Based Service Contracting
Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP), Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Executive Office of the President, Interim Edition, April 1996, US.

Federal Transit Administration: Best Practices Procurement Manual
This manual provides suggestions from recipients of FTA funds on conducting third-party procurements to assist them in meeting the standards of FTA Circular 4220.1D. It includes suggested procedures, methods and examples, which are based on the federal acquisition process, Comptroller General decisions and “best practices” of grantees and others in the industry. U.S. Department of Transportation, May 1996, US.

Cutting Red Tape: Public Procurement Cluster
List of documents provided by the Alliance for Redesigning Government, National Academy of Public Administration, US.

World Bank: Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits
© 1985, 1986, 1988, 1992, 1995 Fifth edition, revised and expanded 1995 Revised January and August 1996 and September 1997 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / THE WORLD BANK 1818 H Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20433, U.S.A.
All rights reserved ISBN 0-8213-3218-X

World Bank: Guide to International Business Opportunities: Procurement

EPHOS Information System (European Procurement Handbook for Open Systems)
Provides guidance on which common standards and publicly available specifications should be used when purchasing IT&T equipment and systems.
Electronic Procurement and follow up to the Green Paper: Debate and Speeches
Brussels – 8/9 December 1997

European Procurement Brochure: “The rules governing the procedure in the award of Public Procurement Contract”

Public Procurement Guidelines

Jean-Paul Basquiat: Commerce électronique et commande publique: Internet, Commerce électronique, euro, commande publique, téléprocédures (6.12.1997)

Buying Smart: State Procurement Saves Millions (September 1996)
A report outlining recommendations to reform the government procurement process for information technology Produced by a joint task force of the National Association of State Purchasing Officials and the National Association of State Information Resource Executives (NASPO/NASIRE) on Information Technology Procurement Reform.

Sites providing events

Tenders Direct

The Centre for Management and Policy Studies

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