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NSW Procurement:

The official purchasing Website of the Government of New South Wales. It offers procurement policies, guidelines and information for agencies and industry about purchasing goods and services, construction and property.

Tenders Direct:

This is a commercial Website, which provides information on contracts published by government departments, local government and utility companies both in the UK and across Europe:


Biddingo.com is a second tender-focused online portal that connects suppliers providing various goods and services to buyers from the Provincial government and MUSH sectors, as well as some private companies from across Canada. New listings appear daily:

Purchasing Tasmania:

The official procurement related Website of the Government of the Australian state of Tasmania. It offers very useful information on how suppliers can compete effectively for Government contracts.

Government Procurement:

The official Website of the Government of Western Australia provides information both with relation to current contracts on offer, and also with respect to the manner of best pursuing those contract.








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